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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hi Everyone!

I guess it would have been more fitting to post this yesterday, but I was busy.  It is finally October--a month that has been "red-lined" on my calendar for ages now. 

Yes, it is finally quilt show month!  Our quilt show will be held the last weekend of the month on the 26th and 27th here in the Newport News, VA area.  I hope that anyone out there reading this who is nearby can plan to attend.  I think it will be fantastic!

I'm going to be busy, busy getting ready.  I'm on the committee, and our sub-committee is in charge of the door prizes, the demonstrations, the viewer's choice voting, and the ribbons.  Yesterday, we got together to package up the door prizes.  The ladies who worked to get them donated did a fabulous job!  I arrived at one of their homes yesterday and the dining room looked like a small quilt shop.  Fabric, books, patterns, batting, notions, etc. were piled high.  We set about assembling all the small things together into prize "packages."  When we were finished, we had over 100 door prizes!  Since we sold 300 tickets last year, but hope to sell 500 this year, the odds of winning a prize are pretty great!  They take up lots of room, and since it is only my husband and I here, I brought many of them home with me.  It looks like a quilter's Christmas in here.

Aside from being busy yesterday, I didn't want to post because I wasn't sure I could trust myself not to comment on the recent political situation.  In fact, I just wrote more of this paragraph and then I deleted it, because I'm firm in my resolve not to discuss politics here on this blog.  I want a safe place where everyone can go to be distracted from it!

Along that theme, I can't thank Valerie over at Pumpkin Patch Quilter enough!  She is currently quilting my Dresden Doilies quilt at this moment, and has been posting "teaser" photos to Facebook.

 Photo: After McTavishing!  :)
Be still my heart!

I'm planning to enter this quilt in the show so I really need to get cracking on making the binding, label, and sleeve.  I have some other sleeves to make and attach to 2 other entries, too.  As I mentioned, October is going to be busy!

Have a great day!


  1. Wish I were closer .... I would definitely attend! Wow ... 1 in 5 chances to win something are REALLY good odds ... I can relate to your being busy. Our quilt show is NEXT September and we are already in a flurry getting committees formed and volunteers organized ... it is a LOT (emphasis on LOT) of work ... but much fun and so rewarding! Linda

  2. The quilting on your Dresden Doilies is beautiful, adding something really special to an already gorgeous quilt.
    Good luck with your quilt show.

  3. I love your Schnibbles quilt JoAnne :-) I can understand your excitement with your dresdens - it's looking lovely!!!! It sounds like your show will be the place to be! Hope the rest of your organising goes well.

  4. Sounds like your quilt show will be awesome! Wish I lived closer!! Your Dresden Quilt is going to be a stunner!

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