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Friday, October 25, 2013

Can You Help?

Hi Everyone,

This is such an exciting day!  This afternoon we set up for the quilt show and hang all the quilts.  It opening tomorrow morning!  After all the work and meetings, I can't believe it is finally here.

Meanwhile, I have a question for all of you.  My sister bought the piece in the photo at a thrift store and discovered that it has a rotating door.  When rotated, it looks like this:

It clearly looks like a sewing cabinet to me.  The top "shelf" has the pegs for spools and the tray for needles, etc.  But how about the bottom "shelf?"  Do any of you know what those donut-shaped impressions are for?  Larger spools?  Crochet thread?  I'm racking my brain to picture vintage sewing notions and can't seem to come up with a match.  I would love your input!
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Have a great day!


  1. Very strange, never seen anything like this. It will be interesting to see if any of your readers know something about this piece. Have fun at the quilt show.

  2. Wow, what a mystery! Where you rest your donut while you sew? Ha, ha. I hope your quilt show is a huge success.

    1. You're my kind of girl, Cathy .... love it ... donut holder .... Ha, ha, ha, ha!!

  3. This is just a GUESS ... but my grandmother was a seamstress (professional) and her thread was on larger "cones" rather than the spools that we use today. Depending on the height between the top shelf and the lower shelf perhaps that is where those thread spools sat and you could just pull the thread from there ... the cones had much larger bottoms than openings at the top. Just a guess!! Linda

  4. Meant to add ... VERY interesting piece of furniture ... like it a lot!

  5. This looks to me like a jewelry drawer. The pegs could be for rings and the trays for earrings or necklaces. I would guess bracelets for the lower rack. I am just guessing here. But my dresser has a hidden jewelry drawer (just has compartments), so that is what came to my mind.

  6. I've never seen anything like this either but my first thought was that it was used for jewelry. I agree with Janet that the donut holes could be for bracelets. Can't wait to see if anyone really knows what it's for!

  7. Whatever it is, it's very cool! I hope someone comes up with a definitive answer--so mysterious! My first thought was jewelry storage also.