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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Postcards and Other Fun Stuff

Hi Everyone,

I am back from vacation and shall fill you in about it in a later post.  Our quilt show is this weekend!  The days are going to fly by until set-up Friday afternoon and I still have stuff to do!  Yikes.  I'm going to try to get most things done today.

Meanwhile, I got the mail that had been held while we were gone and in it I found 3 treasures!

Two of them were postcards.  I haven't done any fabric postcards in a while.  I think they are gorgeous little works of art, but I struggle so much with the creative process when I make them AND I keenly feel the responsibility when I participate in a swap, but lately a few things came together so I made some.  For our quilt show we will have demonstrations on different techniques.  Someone signed up to do a demo on postcards but is unable to attend, so I agreed to fill in and do it.  Then, a while back, Raewyn at Love to Stitch mentioned and shared some postcards she had swapped.  I commented that I used to do that and we agreed that we would swap with each other, but no rush, as we were both a little swamped with other projects.  A little later, I saw where she had signed up for a swap at Sheila's blog, Sheila's Quilt World so I stopped by and signed up, too.  The theme for that swap was a fall/autumn card. 

I started searching for inspiration and ideas and first began fooling around making Indian corn, but that got to be too tedious, so I searched for another idea and settled on a pile of leaves.  This is the card that I made:

When I make postcards, the idea is the difficult thing for me, so when I have one I make several of the same card.  I immediately figured I could send the same card to Raewyn.  When Sheila assigned our partners, I learned that I would be swapping with Rachel.  Raewyn lives in New Zealand and Rachel lives in Australian, so it was going to be fun!  Also both of them are currently having Spring, not Fall.  Anyway, I received Raewyn's card before I left for vacation.

She did a card with the Kawhai tree which blooms in the spring there.  I love it! 

The evening before we left on our trip, I got an email from her.  Her nephew was visiting and she showed him some of the postcards that she had received and he became intrigued with sewing and working on some.  She asked if I would swap with him, and I said I would.  I was surprised to find his card in my mail as well.  I feel terrible because I haven't sent his, but I will this morning!

Here it is.  I think it is wonderful for a young man's first sewing project.  I really love the kiwis, too as it is from NZ.  Do you see both kinds of kiwi?  You can read Raewyn's post about her nephew here.  It is really sweet.

I also found the card from my swap partner, Rachel!  She says that it is her first card and it is gorgeous!

It is a lovely design AND very well executed!  I'm seriously impressed. 

Finally, there was also a package in my mail.  It was from Peggy.  I have gotten to know her through Instagram the past couple weeks that I have been on it.  I already love it as much as reading blogs!  Anyway, one day she posted a picture of a darling red button that hangs on the wall.  It is about 9 inches in diameter.  I fell in love and inquired where she found it.  It was at Hobby Lobby, of course!  I don't have one and bemoaned the fact and she promptly offered to purchase one for me. 

Isn't it adorable?  And what a sweet gesture!  I think the blog world is so full of wonderful, generous people! 

As I mentioned, I made several versions of my autumn postcard. 

All along I wanted to share one with you all.  If you would like a chance to win it, please leave a comment.  I would love to know if you have a nice story about a quilter you met through blogging.  (And possibly have never met in person.)  I will send it to anyone anywhere, as that is half the fun of postcards (receiving them from all over the world!)  Since I'm buried in the quilt show, you can comment up until Sunday night.  I will draw early Monday morning and let you know who is the winner! Good luck!

Have a great day,

PS:  If you are interested in a postcard swap, Sheila is doing another one--with Christmas as the theme.  You can sign up here.


  1. Joanne, your postcards are just delightful, I am not sure why you struggle with design because obviously when you do come up with a plan it is wonderful! I hope you keep making them and I would love to win your card. As for wonderful bloggers , I have been very fortunate to make some wonderful friends through blogging and in the past year have met and even gone on a road trip with three of these great friends, it is truly a blessing to have met , Lesley, Linda and Karen !

  2. Your postcards are wonderful. I've seen several photos of quilted postcards online but have never tried to make them. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your cards.

    I've been blessed to meet two blogging friends in person - one a quilter, one a knitter.

  3. Interesting timing on this post for me. I was just going to attempt making my first quilted postcard today--nothing fancy, but I am on the last leg of the SewCalGal FMQ challenge and I wanted to give it a go. You have inspired me! : )

  4. Gosh sounds like your mailman has been busy!! Great to see Max's postcard arrived intact - thank you for swapping with him. Have fun with your quilt show - I hope it goes well.

  5. I've made just a couple of quilted post cards and they were so fun! I think I'd like to send one to each member of my family for their birthday next year. Wish me luck accomplishing that goal! I've become pretty good friends with several blogging buddies, but have oly met on in person (so far). Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Joanne,
    I remember when those postcards were all the rage....I was never brave enough to make one though. Yours turned out beautiful and the ones from your swap partners were very nice as well....
    So glad you liked your button. I get the biggest kick out of "big" or very small things so when I see them and know friends would like them I'm happy to get them one too....