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Friday, September 14, 2012

Full Friday

I feel like I've been a bad blogger this week.  It has been busy, and adding working out to the mix hasn't helped.  I made it 4 of the five mornings to water aerobics, though.  (I missed yesterday because my husband had an upset stomach most of the night and he being awake kept me awake.)

Today our "lost crate" of stuff is supposed to be delivered!  Hopefully this whole move will be over and a thing of the past by this afternoon.  I'm also still hoping that my quilt books are in this shipment.

The morning guild meeting is this morning as well.  I'm not sure yet if I'll be going to it or staying for the delivery.

By the way, this is the project we will be making in the class that I signed up for in October.  I'm trying to decide if I want to stay with these colors or use red instead of blue.

#117 Old Elegance - Instructor: Marcie Patch

I hope eveyone has a great weekend.  We have no specific plans, but I'm assuming we will be putting more junk in the attic!



  1. Not a bad blogger, just a busy lady!! Good for you for getting to the gym 4 days out of 5!! Tough choice....quilt with new friends or unpacking a lost container??? Can't wait to see where you end up!


  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for your quilt books in this crate! :o)

  3. Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to choose between both important things...in a perfect world the delivery would be made in time for you to still make it to your guild meeting and when you come home to unpack at your leisure, the first box you open will be the missing books. Here's hoping...
    Lovely quilt, and it looks so warm and homey in the blue and browns but for me, it would be no contest, because I love red.
    I hope you motivate me to start back walking and getting back in shape...bravo on your workouts.

  4. No apologies necessary, JoAnne! Your faithful followers will be waiting to hear what all you've been up to whenever you get here...

    Hope your "lost crate" contains everything you're looking for... enjoy your weekend!

    Also hope your DH is feeling much better... and that you don't catch whatever it was!

  5. I do like the quilt....is that a Bonnie Hunter pattern? I know I've seen it somewhere but can't remember where?? Help? I love RED so no question for me!
    Hope your delivery arrives as stated and you get to go to guild meeting too!!


  6. Red is my favorite color.. I'm sure the quilt would look great in red. :) But it's pretty in blue, too. Happy unpacking of your lost crate.. I hope it came on schedule! Nothing more frustrating than your belongings floating around out there in limbo somewhere. Hope your husband is feeling better! xo