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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fabric Acquisition #2 Or, "I Can't Believe I Bought The Whole Thing!"

Goodness, water aerobics was quite the workout this morning!  The Tuesday/Thursday class is more intense than the M/W/F class.  Wow, my abs are singing!  (I'm tired, too!)  I am trying to get myself to go 5 days a week, but so far it hasn't happened yet.  I do have that as a goal, though!

I spent a lot of time up in my quilt room yesterday, working on a pieced border.  I started sewing a bunch of strip sets together--there were 36 10" long strips--and when I had 4 left (32 sewn) I ran out of bobbin.  During the "break" I realized I had sewn them all wrong and so I had to rip them all out.  I'm just glad I realized they were wrong before I subcut, or I would sure have been unhappy.

Back to fabric acquisition.  I had a "heads-up" about this collection from Linda at the Quilted Pineapple.  She sent me a note about it when she got to quilt some sample quilts using it.
 It is Primitive Gatherings new collection "Old Glory Gatherings."  Linda sure called it right.  This collection was MADE FOR ME! 

Just look at those lovely red, blue, and creams!  I'm drooling!

It is very rare that I indulge like this.  I have only purchased a fat quarter pack of an entire collection maybe only two other times, and one of those was 50% off.   I'm still feeling a bit guilty about it, but then I got a chance at a one-day job!  (Well, one day plus a two-hour training class before.)  For both the day and the training, I will receive  $120!  (That will go to assuage my fabric $pending guilt!)  And I must say, it ties into the whole Patriotic thing quite nicely!  I'm going to be working the polls during the big upcoming election!  I'm pretty excited about it, mostly not about the money as I didn't know I would get paid, but also because my grandmother and my mother have worked elections in the past and I feel like I'm upholding a family tradition!  I also feel like I will be doing something for my Country.  Of course, I'm realistic enough to realize that it probably won't be all that Idealistic.  I'm also hoping for some great anecdotes. 

Have a great day!


  1. Beautiful fabric collection! You are sure to make some lovely quilts out of it.

    Sorry you had to rip out so many seams on your latest project. Been there, done that. No fun!

  2. Beautiful fabric bundle.....and yeah, it was made for you! :o)

    Since moving to this small town 14 years ago, hubby and I have counted ballots on every election since. We really feel our civic pride on those days! Some nights we have been at the town office counting until 2 a.m., but most times it's just several hours. We have about 900 registered voters in our town, and the 80 year old lady that marks them off the sheets and gives the ballots knows EVERY PERSON by name walking through the door. She's been the 'ballot lady' for as long as anyone can remember! And in between 'customers' she knits! She's just lovely!

    Enjoy your voting day! It will be fun!

  3. Love those reds, whites/creams, and blues! Definitely a "must have" for you!

    Congrats on your job working the polls... and you have the perfect way to allocate your earnings!


  4. Wow, that is a beautiful sight to behold!!! It really is gorgeous fabric. And that bundle looks like a work of art. You almost need 2. One to admire and one to cut up!!! Lol. If only they were less expensive!!! Enjoy, JoAnne!!! :-)

  5. A lovely stack of fabric. Enjoy!

  6. That fabric has your name all over it with all that red white & blues :-) Can't wait to see what quilt you make with this

  7. Red, White and Blue for the Patriotic Girl!! My mom used to work the polls....I'm sure it will be great fun!!


  8. Good for you for working at the election, and good for you for buying that fabric. It is an indulgence, but you don't do it often and I know you love that line. It's not bad to give yourself a gift once in awhile. I hope you enjoy it a lot!