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Monday, September 17, 2012


I hope everyone had a great weekend!

On Friday I ended up staying home from guild to help my husband with the delivery.  Even though he said he didn't mind if I went, I figured that if our roles were reversed, I wouldn't want him to go.  Also, he doesn't really know where anything goes!

Here is the pile of most of the book boxes.  Two more showed up later.  I opened the first one, and lo and behold.....
It was full of quilt books!!!!  Considering 4 of them were full of Civil War books, I think it is cool that the first box opened was full of my "missing" books.
(In case you don't know the story, these were not supposed to go into storage!  I didn't know they had until we got to Hawaii over 3 YEARS ago.  I assumed they accidentally went into storage, but I was a little worried that they may have been lost.)

Sigh.....   I missed these so much!  I just wanted to love on each and every one, but instead I hauled them upstairs to my shelves in the quilt room.
These weren't the only books that were fun to discover.  I also came across these:

My Trixie Belden books!  I was such a fan.  I didn't like Nancy so much, or the Hardy Boys.  The Bobbsey Twins were okay when I was younger but I loved these!  It's funny, but I reread some a few years ago and they are really sort of terrible!  The poor girl--at the beginning of each "mystery" she is sure she knows that something "mysterious" is happening and no one will believe her.  At first it is okay, but really 16 books in and they still don't believe her?!!!  I have all of them except one--my favorite:  The Queen's Necklace--when they travel to England.  Probably it was my first taste of being an Anglophile and is probably responsible for my secret longing to visit that country.  Hopefully I will one day!

Now Trixie is in the attic with all the other stuff.  There was more than I feared!  I warned my husband that we are going to do a serious "edit" of stuff later when it isn't so hot.  Maybe if I keep reminding him, he will be used to the idea when the time comes.   I swear, the man could be a hoarder...

I hope you have a great day.  I plan to spend time fawning over my quilt books and sewing!



  1. I'm so glad your books have turned up. Love the rug under the boxes. Have a great week. Melanie xxxxxxxx

  2. How wonderful to have your quilt books back home to roost. I hope they learned their lesson and won't be so naughty next time. :-)

  3. What a great surprise! Enjoy spending time with your books!

  4. I'm sure it was like spending time with old friends. I'm glad the boxes of books were "found."

  5. So glad to hear your books showed up.... I'm sure you're thrilled to have them home again!

  6. So glad that you have gotten to your quilt books! Mine are still in storage (in the very back of a 26ft storage unit). They have been in storage for 3 years too! I can't wait to get mine back (and my fabric too)!!!

  7. How fun to open the boxes and see what you've been missing! I loved Nancy Drew!! My favorite!!