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Monday, September 3, 2012

A Tribute

Today, because of the recent death of Astronaut Neil Armstrong, I thought I would share these pictures.

A year ago, if you have followed me since then, you may remember that my husband was in  Afghanistan.  While there, he had the wonderful opportunity to see this USO "show." 
David Hartman accompanied three Apollo astronauts:  Gene Cerman, Jim Lovell (remember Apollo 13?  Tom Hanks played him!) and most thrilling of all--Neil Armstrong.  I'm not sure if you know this, but Neil keeps a pretty low profile.  I know in all the bios that were put out this past week after his death that they frequently mentioned that and the fact that he is a very modest man.  Anyway, when my husband told me that this was going to happen, I got really excited for him!
When I was little--maybe 5?--I met Buzz Aldrin (the second man to walk on the moon) and so I told my husband that if he could meet Neil Armstrong, that would be the only way to "one up" me!
Well, the day finally arrived (August 15, 2011) and there was a panel discussion and a "meet and greet."
David Hartman is on the left, then Neil Armstrong in the blue shirt, Gene Cerman, and Jim Lovell.  My husband said they answered questions--Jim Lovell was asked about Tom Hanks, etc.  They were so gracious and entertaining!
The Meet and Greet
However, I think partially becasue I was so excited about it, and in turn got my husband excited about it, he was paying attention to the arrival.  (By the way, he worked at night, so this was during his free time)  He saw them enter the camp and so he went over to the location and was one of the first soldiers to get there, so he had an opportunity to talk and more importantly, get photos will all of them.
Here he is with David Hartman.  "Boy is he tall" was my husband's overwhelming impression.  Do you remember when he hosted Good Morning America?  I do.
Here he is with Gene Cerman.  If I remember correctly, Gene was the last American to walk on the moon.

Jim Lovell.  If you are wondering what the black thing is around my husband's neck, the black "bag" on the left is his ammo pouch and under the other arm is his sidearm.  They were armed at all times!


And finally, and most thrilling of all, he talked with Neil Armstrong.  I think right now he is telling Neil about me and Buzz Aldrin.  Neil being the man he was, was telling my husband that I still win.  (So very modest!--Of course my husband "wins!!!")
My husband was very thrilled to meet all of these geniune heros, and I think it is awesome that they would spend their valuable time in visiting the troops.  Considering that one year and a few days later, Neil would pass away, I am even more grateful.


  1. Wow! How neat that they took time out of their lives to visit our troops and how neat that your husband got to talk to and take pictures with each one of them! I've always loved the whole space program and I used to run out and watch the shuttle take off even though I had seen it many times. It was still thrilling each time it happened.

  2. Oh, how wonderful for your husband... and you! Neil Armstrong was truly an American hero!

  3. This post is fabulous and the photos are great. Your husband was fortunate to meet all of these astronauts.

    I was enthralled with the space missions in the 60s and vividly remember when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

  4. What wonderful photos ! How awesome that your husband was able to meet these astronauts

  5. Wonderful pictures and a wonderful story! I live in Cincinnati which is where Neil Armstrong was living until his death. People would run into him at different places - the barber shop, the grocery store, charity events -and he was always the most humble modest guy you would ever meet. His family requested that as a tribute the next time the moon is full, go outside, look up and give Neil a wink ... he would like that.