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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two steps ahead, three back

Yesterday I wrote describing the pile of quilts that needed quilting.  My goal was to quilt the two that I had basted.  I'm happy to report that I did get them done!  I also did some volunteer business and got groceries, so all in all I was feeling really productive.  And then I shifted a "pile" on the bed in my quilt room and found three more unquilted tops!  Yikes!  How did I forget about them? 

More good news, though, I got one of them quilted as well!

After the quilting, I got busy with more prep.  I have all the batting cut.  Do you dislike that "simple" process as much as I do?  I unfolded the packaged batting on the floor (of course, the floor isn't quite large enough) and then placed the flimsies on, trying to get them to fit, but of course, there is always one piece that doesn't fit and requires one to piece two chunks of batting together.  I don't like that job.  Has anyone tried the iron-on tape to piece batting?  How is it?  Meanwhile, the batting picks up every thread or little bit of "whatever" that happens to be on the floor and missed by the vacuum or broom.

The three extra quilts required more backing and backing selection, but I got that done.  I even got two more basted, so that is my goal for today:  to get at least two more quilted.

Let's hope I don't shift any more piles and come up with more work!   Looking into my crystal ball, I see myself doing a lot of binding in the near future. 

Meanwhile, I've been ignoring my Sarah's Revival blocks, so last night I worked on prepping the patterns to transfer the applique pattern to the backing. 



  1. Glad you are making progress. I usually buy my batting off the roll so I rarely need to piece any for my small quilt tops. The large ones I usually sent to a longarmer and they supply the batting.

  2. My least favourite job is sandwiching and basting (big surprise I bet!) . I do piece batting though because I like to use it all up. I am currently making a Quilt as you Go and I used all batting scraps that were zigzagged together. Once all the quilting is done you really cannot tell and I like that I've saved some cash for future fabric purchases.