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Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Busy Day

Today (Saturday for me--but by the time you all are reading this it will be Sunday) was a busy day.  So was yesterday.  On Friday I had three activities, all very enjoyable, but they took up most of my day.  The last was dinner at friends--and they cooked up halibut fish and chips.  We were neighbors a few years ago in Alaska, and now they are here, too.  I cannot began to tell you how good that halibut was.  Our friend had to travel to Alaska for work and he brought it home.  Yum!  I ate way too much and consequently I didn't sleep too well and woke up at 5 this morning.  Yikes!

I finally gave up trying to sleep some more and got up and did some early morning sewing.  I'm in the middle of a project and I would like to get it into a manageable/nearly finished state before I'm distracted from it for the next few days.  I managed to find the time to get all the blocks finished and now everything is up on the design wall until I can get back to it. 

Around 7:30 I headed out to the farmer's market.  The curse of Honolulu traffic is that even at 7:45 on a Saturday morning, there is traffic.  The traffic here is the number one thing I'm not going to miss!!  Yikes!  I loaded up with pineapple, mangos (they are in season!), papaya, rambutan, and local bananas.  I also got some gorgeous red tomatoes, heavenly basil, and a huge avacado.  If you remember, my mother-in-law is visiting us.  On the way home I stopped at a bakery and picked up some quiche for lunch.  Some quilting friends were getting together to try a new technique that another friend was teaching.  She moved away nearly a year ago, but is back on the island for a week.  Anyway, I signed up to bring a "lunch" item (not a salad) and I had planned to make something, but I just didn't have the time.

I got home and put everything away and started getting out my quilting stuff to take to our sew-a-thon.  I then checked on my MIL's flight.  It hadn't left!!!  She was an hour late leaving her local airport.  The flight was going to Denver and she only had an hour and twenty minutes there.  It wasn't looking good.
(My husband went scuba diving early in the morning and so he was unaware of all of the drama.)  By now, I was tired from lack of sleep, dealing with traffic, stress, and hauling all my sewing stuff downstairs.  I almost bailed on the sewing day, but my desire to see my visiting friend kept me going. 

It was lots of fun.  It was a free-form technique using scraps.  The technique was sort of like a log cabin, but you didn't measure anything, and just added chunks or strips until the patchwork piece was large enough to use a 6.5" ruler to trim down to a 6.5" block.  It was a real chance to just grab, sew, and play.  It was VERY conducive to chatting.  About the time we were eating, my husband was finally out of the water and heard from his mother that she missed the flight!  She has to sit in the Denver airport until 6 tomorrow morning!  The airline wouldn't give her a hotel room and it was their fault!  I'm pretty unhappy with them.

I got a few blocks done, gave all the rest of my scraps away, and packed up to come home around 3:30.  By then I was mentally tired as well as physically tired.  After I got home, I just sat for a while.  My MIL will finally get here (I hope) around 11:30 tomorrow morning.  My husband took leave for the week and so we will be out and around doing touristy Hawaii things.  I love it!  The ultimate staycation.  I really need some time at the beach, too.  I haven't been for ages.

I'll leave you with this picture of another Schnibble--Mon Ami.  I've been wanting to do it for ages.  I used the Moda Collections for a Cause--Friendship charm packs.  I love the mostly patriotic color scheme!

Please cross your fingers that my MIL gets here okay tomorrow!


PS.  Does anyone know the "Cause" for the Friendship collection?  I found a list of the past ones, but it didn't include this one.


  1. Love the Mon-Ami quilt. I had to order that one from Alaska as I couldn't get it in the UK. Just waiting in the long to do list.....

  2. Sounds like such a treat to have access to all that fresh fruit, except for the traffic of course!
    Crossing fingers here, for your MIL.

  3. ....lol....I know, it's not really funny, but it kind of is from my view after reading your post. I'm just glad you went ahead and met with your sew buddies and had a good time there!

    I too got up and have photos of me hand quilting around 3:30 am night before last, I just r-e-f-u-s-e to lay in the bed and toss and turn, so, I just got up like you!

    I hope by this time your MIL has made it there all safe and sound and you all have a great time showing her around!!!

  4. Hi JoAnne! I just nominated your blog for a "Liebster Award". Come by and check out my latest blog post to learn more about it.

  5. The cause for the Friendship line is "Feeding America"... Cute quilt.

  6. Looking at this little quilt I had to smile. Your blog is aptly named...Patriotic Quilter. Even if you had called it Jo's Journal I would have seen the patriotism. Just look at the colour scheme of the last 3 quilts pictured (2 you have finished and 1 in waiting). Easy to see you love the Red White and Blue!