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Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh My Gosh, I am thrilled!

Today at The Quilted Pineapple Linda is blogging about my Omigosh quilt.  She has lots of photos and a great story about quilting the pineapple in the corners.  I loved it!  And then I read the comments and I was so totally amazed by the good things people were saying.  I was impressed when I saw Carrie Nelson's  blog last night and Linda had done a quilt for her, too--now that is truly Oh My Gosh!

I am a bit disappointed, but not surprised, that I only half finished one quilt yesterday.  The luncheon and prep occupied a big chunk of my time and last night I was glued to the tv.  Last night through Saturday night the Merry Monarch Festival is running over on the Big Island.  It is THE premeire hula competition.  Last night was the Miss Aloha Hula contest.  Twelve girls competed first doing a Kahiko hula (that is an ancient style) with an Oli (a chant) and then they did the Auana hula (a more modern hula danced to mele--songs--often sung by well-known Hawaiian musicians.)  I was glued to my television from 6-11:30 last night.  It is going to be some late nights!

Here is a photo of the winner, Rebecca Lilinoekekapahauomaunakea Sterling.  On the left is her Kumu Hula (the teacher and head of the Halau--the Hula dance company.)

Tonight the halaus perform Kahiko--the ancient dances.  Some groups are Kane (men) and some are Wahine (women). They all have wonderful performances.  At any rate, you all are probably getting tired of hearing about Hula.  If you are interested, you can easily find performances on Youtube by searching for Merrie Monarch.



  1. I saw your beautiful quilt on The Quilted Pineapple blog... that is some incredible piecing you did! Love all the colors.. so lovely!

  2. loved seeing all the details of the quilting on her blog. that pineapple in the corner looks great. can't wait to see it in person at the show.

  3. Living in Hawaii must be such an amazing experience!! I just love reading about it on your blog. The quilt is just gorgeous!!! You must be so proud!! Wow!! Oh my gosh is right!! I really like how you pieced the backing so well. I try to so that sometimes, but I've never gotten it so close. You just did a spectacular job :-)

  4. Wow.. surfing around and found you. My daughter is also in Hawaii, and Army wife, formerly in Alaska and an avid quilter/crafter and mommy on the go. It would be so cool for you to connect with her. She is always looking for inspiration, tips, and other crafters to share. She can be found at www.melaniehamdesigns.com. Enjoying your blog!

  5. I remember seeing the Merry Monarch festival on tv when we were in Hawaii for vacation a few years ago. We really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting about it, it is nice to remember it.