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Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Final Days of the Retreat

Hi Everyone,

I'm back to fill you in about the last two days, Saturday and Sunday, of the retreat.  I was still working on my Talkin Turkey quilt.  On Saturday, I began assembling all the units for the blocks.

The block begins with a nine patch.  Those were easy enough, and I made all 30 that I needed.  The next step was to turn it on point by sewing 4 of the string-pieced triangles to each side.

After that step, the block looks like the one above.  Doing this step was actually a bit slow as I removed any tiny triangles that were left in the corners of the string-piecing to help control bulk.  I did get all 30 done.

The next step is to frame the block with all of those flying geese.  For the first 2 sides of the block, you sew 2 geese units with a rectangle in the center.

The third and fourth sides need a strip set like the one above but with two squares on each end.

I began making all of these strip sets with piles of geese, rectangles, and squares next to me.  Lots of things were going on, though, and we were visiting, etc.  The next thing I knew, I had sewn a whole lot of strip sets consisting of two geese with a square in between.  That would not work!  I had to rip.

Along about that time, I thought I would try to get half the quilt together, since I knew I wouldn't be able to get the whole thing done, so I framed only half (15) of the blocks.

This is what the completed block looks like.

Sunday morning, our last day, I borrowed a design wall and set about laying out half the quilt to see how it would look.

I was loving what I saw, but I realized that I had more construction to do.  I needed to sew two red squares to the end of the cream scrappy sashing strips.  That went quickly, mostly because I did only half of them.

Next I was going to sew the sashing strips to the sides of the blocks.  I picked up a sashing strip and a block and lined them up, and they didn't fit!  They were too short!  I did some measuring and checking and found that I had cut all of those scrappy cream sashing strips 9" long, not 9.5" long.  Ugh!!!  That was pretty much the end of my retreat enjoyment of Talkin Turkey!  I packed it up to work on at home and got out a few other things, but nothing really interested me after that.  I felt like I was cursed or something.

All in all, it was a really awesome retreat.  I also was realizing towards the end of it that I probably wouldn't be back to the next one, and that was sad, too.  I have made so many great quilting friends here in Virginia and it is going to be so traumatic to leave them this summer.

I haven't given up on Talkin' Turkey, though.  I started re-cutting sashing strips when I got home, but since then, I had to focus on my Blogger Girls BOM quilt.

Have a great day!


  1. Oh, how beautiful! I'm loving all those reds... what a great retreat you had!!!

  2. You've sparked my interest in going on a retreat. So much fun to be with other quilters, plus the possibility of making real progress on a project. I work full time so I only sew in little bits of time except for the occasional weekend day or holiday.

    1. Local guilds usually have weekend retreats or perhaps you could organize one yourself and invite other quilting friends. I highly, highly recommend them. It's not only an opportunity for uninterrupted sewing but a time of fellowship, laughter and personal growth. They are "addictive" ;-) as anyone who has been on one will attest.

  3. I really love your Talkin Turkey quilt. I can imagine your frustration when you discovered the sashing problem, but glad you are working on it again! Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. I understand about "last" retreats. Went on one with my best quilting buddies just before we retired and relocated. It was very emotional because at the last dinner of the weekend they presented me with a quilt they had made together ... each making a block and then assembling and quilting it. The label was embroidered with all their names and the saying that I should be sad for what has passed but be glad that we had it. Many, many, many tears and hugs. BUT!! You will find a new guild and a new circle of quilting friends ... as I have in our new home. I still communicate with my old buddies and we talk about a "reunion" and perhaps someday that will happen ... but I am not sad because I DID have them in my life for awhile.

  5. What a fabulous quilt this is going to be!

  6. Oh, I feel your pain when you realized you had cut a whole stack of strips too short! :-(

  7. That is one gorgeous quilt!!! I think it may have to be the next one I do after Orca Bay!

    I enjoyed hearing about your retreat and all the fun you had....Looking forward to my own starting on the 14th :)


  8. Talking Turkey is a wonderful quilt. You are making great progress, but what a bummer to discover your miscut! I think we can all relate at one time or another. I know I've "been there, done that." It is maddening! : )

  9. I have really enjoyed your retreat posts. And your quilt is just gorgeous!

  10. Thank you for posting the photos of Talkin Turkey! I have been throwing my reds and lights into a container and saved a phone book...preparing for my Talkin Turkey. Your photos are so helpful.

  11. Sorry for the loss both of the strips and the retreat and friends.

  12. This must be Bonnie Hunter's Talking Turkey! I have all of her books and will probably try and attempt this for a QOV. Trouble is, when I make one of her detailed quilts, I have to keep it. Just finished Smith Mountain morning and love it! Where do you head off to next? We were military and settled in Florida. So lucky!

  13. Such an interesting block with the strings for setting it on point. And in reds! I like.

  14. I love this block, no doubt the RED is what draws me in. Thank you for so many pictures, yummy ~

  15. Ooh boy--now I have to add Turkey Tracks to my endless list of quilts I want to make! Yours will be gorgeous, I'm sure--loving the reds!

  16. Talkin' Turkey is going to be a beautiful quilt and you made a lot of progress on it while at retreat (despite a few mishaps.) I have a close friend who moved away from her bee but would still travel to attend retreat once a year or every other year. Depending on where you end up, perhaps that's something you might be able to do as well.