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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Bit of Catch Up

Hi Everyone,

I've had some things to catch up on the past few days.  The first one is the Blogger Girls BOM.  For May it is necessary to make three blocks, but I had only made 2, so I did the third one.

I also completed all the alternate blocks and then I arranged the monthly blocks and that left two missing for June's blocks.  I decided what color placement I wanted, and I made them, too.  Perhaps I will give you a sneak peek at some point soon.  I'm loving it!

The second thing I needed to catch up on was Pam Buda's new sew-along, Market Day.  I love Pam's projects and I've seen wonderful versions in reproductions and even batiks, etc.  This time Pam is doing 2 sizes:  one with 3.5" blocks and a mini version with 2" blocks.  When I heard that, you know that I wanted to do both!  I actually ordered her kit this time.  She has a new, gorgeous fabric line out with ruby reds, dark, medium blues, light golds, and creams.  Right up my alley!  For the mini version, I'm using my own fabrics in reds, greens, creams, and a bit of gold.   It should look Christmas-y.

If you are interested, all the details are here at her blog, Heartspun Quilts.  She releases a new step every Friday, and so far two are out.  The first was while I was on retreat, so I needed to catch up with both this weekend.  It was pretty easy and only took about an hour and a half to do both steps for both sizes.

The first week was just one square-in-a square block.

I put a quarter in there so you can see the scale of the blocks.

The second step was to make 4 quarter-square triangles.  Again, really easy.

Now I'm caught up!

Have a great day!


  1. Good looking block!
    Look at you go on Pam's patchwork. I am only doing the mini version, but so far I have only copied the instructions--haven't even printed them! : )

  2. Lovely blocks. I'm doing the mini version of the newest Market Day project.

  3. So cute!! I'm tempted, but just haven't had the time!! Your BOM;s are amazing!! Love them!!


  4. Is there more info on the bloggers BOM. Your blocks are beautiful. I'm doing The Heartspun quilt along but I'm at the back of the pack...need to get caught up!!! We retired and sold home to travel ful time for 7 years. The purge was brutal...but I still have my stash. :)

  5. Great job on the smaller blocks! I am happy to be piecing the 3" version :)