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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tie One (or Two) On

Hi Everyone,

I'm finally going to be able to show some of the secret sewing that I did for Christmas and Birthdays.  Last fall when we were in Lancaster, my Mom mentioned to me that she would like an apron.  An apron?!  Yippee!!  I love sewing, of course, and aprons are sew much fun.  I had several patterns at home, but recently I had seen this one and I loved the pockets and the "reversible" aspect.  What isn't to love about reversible items?  Two looks in one!  Plus, if you spill something on one side, you can flip it around to the other side (and I suppose, dirty your clothes in the process, but oh well..)  It also has a trim detail.  Can you say ric rac?  This pattern is by Mary Mulari.

Fabric choices?  Time for shopping!  I went out to see what I could find that would tickle my fancy.  My mom loves lighthouses and there is quite a bit of fabric out there, but some of them are fairly busy.  I was delighted to stumble across a beautiful white and delft blue lighthouse fabric just across the street in the stack of flat folds at AC Moore (AC Moore used to be Ben Franklin Crafts).  I found the perfect match to the blue for accent, and then used the blue to find a holiday-type fabric at JoAnn.

My Mom put pictures on Facebook, so here she is with the lighthouse side out.  Isn't she lovely?

And here she is with the holiday version.  It isn't actually that "holiday" and so can be worn pretty much at any time of the year.

When I was at JoAnn fabrics, I stumbled on this fabric.

I was smitten!  I love everything about this fabric, I knew I was buying some, but didn't know exactly what I was going to use it for.  My sister really likes gingerbread men, so perhaps I could also make her an apron?  I found an accent fabric in the dark rose, and then found a vintage-y fabric that coordinated  for the reverse apron fabric.

Here is the gingerbread side

And here is the everyday/vintage fruit fabric side.  In these photos, you can see the wide bottom band that forms the pockets in the accent fabric. 

The pattern called for you to use just two fabrics and so what is the main fabric on one side would be the accent on the other, but I liked the idea of having two distinct fabrics that coordinate with one accent fabric.  That way, the ties would match either side of the apron.  

I love this pattern and will be making it again!  Oh, and I am still totally in love with that gingerbread fabric and went back when it was 60% off and bought the rest of the bolt.  

Have a great day!


  1. Really cute aprons and bet your mom loves them...who wouldn't want at least a couple of them. Pattern looks fairly easy but never know.

  2. I love versatility in any project. I laughed when you said you went back for the bolt - but at that sale and cute fabric - why not?

  3. What wonderful aprons ! Love that gingerbread fabric , you were smart to go back and buy the bolt !

  4. So cute!!! I really loved every one of them! I have never sewn an apron, but would love to try! Was the pattern for a beginner or no?

  5. Reversible aprons are THE best!

  6. Love the aprons! Your mom is adorable. :-)

  7. Love the aprons!! And your mom looks great in hers!

  8. I've made several Mary Mulari aprons--the Church Ladies one in particular. They are a lot of fun and I love that they are reversible. I was worried about you giving away the gingerbread apron, but I'm glad to hear you made out like a bandit on the rest of the bolt--awesome!!!

  9. I love aprons JoAnne and these are just too cute. Your Mom is adorable...so happy she liked your apron.

  10. Love those aprons, so vintage! The fabrics sure make them neat. My friend Beth almost always makes hers reversible, that way you can have 2 without the holiday one laying in wait in the drawer.