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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hi Everyone,

Wow, I am amazed that so many of you knew about those carpet blades.  Where have I been that I didn't know about them until recently?!

I had other plans for a post today, but those will keep.  This one is more exciting.  Are any of you Downton Abbey fans?  I sure am but I have not been discussing it here as I don't want to have any spoilers escape, etc.

You may also know that there is a line of fabrics, based on the show.  I purchased the Dowager collection, consisting of purples, grays, and blacks, but have yet to make the intended item.  Recently, though, I got a couple pieces of Edith's line in order to make a bag.

I actually made two--going with my theory that it is just as easy to make two items like that as it is to make one.

I used one in a gift exchange and it was "stolen" a few times, so I guess people liked it.  Anyway, it was fun to make and embellish.

If you are Downton fans, perhaps you know who this is?

No?  How about now?

She is Lady Fiona Carnarvon, the Countess of Highclere Castle, aka Downton Abbey
I hate to name-drop, but she and I are having tea next month!  (Okay, there will be way more people attending than just the two of us, AND I suppose I must confess that I paid for a ticket, but still..)
I am usually more informed of the latest fabric lines than I am fashion lines, however, I believe I am going to have to change all of that.  I think this occasion calls for a new dress! 
I will take along my camera and be sure to give you all the details!  Now I must get busy.  I leave on the retreat tomorrow (hopefully--we got some snow and there is a bit of concern about getting there--cross your fingers!)
Have a great day!



  1. Cute bag, I didn't know there was a fabric line. Oh, hope you have fun on your outing!

  2. Jo Anne,
    I'm not a Downton Abby follower but a girl I worked with was and I heard all about it the next day :) Supposedly there are a ton of fans out there!
    Your purse is lovely! I'll have to check out the fabric line up close and personal!

    Have fun at your retreat....i'm jealous!
    Can't wait to see pictures of your projects! I always finish so many things while I'm at retreat.....no laundry, cooking, cleaning, snow shoveling etc.
    Have fun!!!!


  3. Love your little bag... and the embellishments really set off that luscious fabric! I've not succumbed to the Downtown fabrics... yet.

    No snow at all here and sure hope you'll be able to get to your retreat tomorrow! Have fun...

  4. Have fun on your retreat and enjoy. Boy, I am jealous and wish I were having tea with you all. Take lots of pictures for us.

  5. I love the bag . I have bought the Dowager collection to I couldn't resist. I too am a huge fan. Enjoy your retreat. xxx

  6. What a great idea for those fabrics. The bag is very stylish.
    Hope you have a great time at retreat, and can't wait to hear about tea with the Duchess.

  7. I was wondering if the blades are for the 45 cm cutters or the 60 cm (large) cutters?

  8. Have a great retreat... take lots of pictures please!
    I'm a huge Downton fan... but I'd be in big trouble at a tea with Lady Fiona... I hate tea!!! Do you think anyone would notice if I ordered coffee???

  9. Your bag caught my eye because it looks like one I started at my daughters, then we 'lost' the magazine. May I ask where you found the pattern? Your fabric and embellishments made s sweet project!!

  10. Sounds like a fun tea! It was so hard not to talk about the Downton episode where the 'event" with Anna happened--so many at the retreat hadn't watched it yet. Fortunately, when it was rerun during the week, we all watched it together and could finally vent. So far I've been able to resist buying the fabrics, but seeing your beautiful bag is starting to give me the itch to do some cyber shopping....