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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Maine Event Round 3--My Monthly Schnibble

Hi Everyone,

This is another post that I wrote prior to going on the retreat.  Before I left, I finished my January Schnibble, the pattern called "Jersey Girl."  I first wrote about this project here where I discussed the plan I had and the reason I was naming it "The Maine Event."   I had a second post about it here.  During the final construction, I was alerted by a reader, Hildy, that there was a typo in the pattern about the size to cut the sashing strips.  It should read 1.5" x 10" instead of 10"x 10."

I'm really, really pleased with how it came out.  If you recall, I used charm packs of Kansas Troubles Harvest Moon line and decided to make them into leaves.  I did so to reference our quilt show that we had last fall--the logo was a leaf block and I made the ribbons that were awarded out of Harvest Moon fabric, too.

I needed more background squares than the charm packs provided, so I went into my fabric stash and pulled out whatever seemed to be the same color.  I have been inspired by the "low value" quilts that are appearing in blogland and how backgrounds with lots of pattern are being used effectively, so I challenged myself to use whatever was the right color--no matter the pattern.

Consequently, there are parts of a panel that featured the title page of "Common Sense."

And also some quilt blocks.

There are also lots of bits of other background-type fabric.  I really love the results!

When I finished the top and did the quilting, I decided that the binding needed something special.  Did you notice it in the photos above?

A year ago, I asked for readers to send me photos of their favorite bindings.  Marti, from 52 Quilts shared a tutorial she had done to make this binding.  It is completely machine sewn and features a faux flange detail.  I followed her tutorial and it was great.  It was really easy to do and I love the way it looks.  It made a wider binding than I normally use (I cut my strips at 2" and fold them in half typically) but I felt this quilt, with all of the background fabric, could really use a spectacular, slightly "beefy" binding.

I think it looks divine on my divan.

If you remember my original post, I decided on the title:  The Maine Event, because I was going to be meeting a good blogfriend, Regan, from Floating on a Quilted Cloud, while she was visiting the area.  Unfortunately, it was supposed to happen on Wednesday, the day we awoke to our dumping of snow--so it didn't happen.  We have promised to try again one day, and even though we didn't meet, we got to chat on the phone.

To see all of the Jersey Girl Schnibbles, be sure to visit Sinta and Sherri for the parade on the first of the month.  I always enjoy seeing all the different variations.

Have a great weekend!  Hopefully I won't be too tired from my retreat and can be back on Monday to share all about it.



  1. Your Jersey Girl looks awesome!

  2. It definitely has a fall feel and the stems turned out great. I'm always impressed that you get it made AND quilted each month. Hope you're having a great time at retreat!

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely.... and it does look divine on your sofa! Great job!

  4. Love everything about this quilt!

  5. JoAnne, it looks great! I like how your units look like leaves! I've seen this quilt now done in such a nice variety of fabrics with each one taking on it's own personality! Great job.....


  6. JoAnne, I love how this turned out! And thanks for the link to the binding tutorial; I'm thinking a finish like this might be perfect for a UFO I have that needs a little pop.

  7. I love your version, JoAnne!!! Beautiful! It have such a nice, warm fall feel.

  8. Really nice JoAnne :-) I love that you changed it up a bit and created leaves!