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Monday, August 5, 2013

"So all you do all day long is sew?"

Hi Everyone,

I'm back from my four day retreat and it was wonderful!  As I was driving down to it I though that many people (those who don't quilt, etc.) would consider that four days of nothing but sewing just may be their idea of hell, but for all of us, we know it is paradise!

The retreat was across the water in Norfolk.  Some of you are familiar with this area, but for the rest of you--we have to cross a bridge to get down to Norfolk/Virginia Beach, and further like the Outer Banks, etc.  There are two major ones and the word "bridge" isn't quite correct.  They are in fact, bridge tunnels.  Part of the road is above the water, and then the road goes down into a tunnel so that ships can cross above you! 

Our retreat was at a church retreat center.  It was a two-story building--the downstairs consisted of a large, bright room with plenty of space for us to work and then a few large, round tables at the opposite end next to the kitchen.  Upstairs were 10 rooms with 2 twin beds and a bathroom in each.  There were 11 of us attending, so I shared with a friend, but it turned out that we all were there only one night, so I could move into an empty room the other two.  The best part of the center was that it was right on the water!

I took this picture right through the window (you can see the screen.)  Behind the tree is the water--a river that empties into Chesapeake Bay just beyond.  There was a bridge in view, too.
The window was in my "station."  All of this space was for me!  I was just hoping to have a whole table to myself. 
But I'm sure what you really want to see is all of the fun stuff that everyone was working on!  At least, that was my favorite part, aside from meeting and getting to know all the wonderful ladies who were doing the beautiful work!

One of the ladies was framing a panel to make a quilt for her beach house!  It screamed "Hawaii" to me.  I miss snorkeling...

Another one was working on baby quilts.  She gives one to every person at her husband's work who has a baby, plus family members as well.  She was thrilled that after the retreat, she would have an extra one not needed, so she would be ahead.  Then her phone rang and she found out there was another baby on the way.  Isn't that typical?

This is a quilt made from French fabrics.  The maker did the whole thing in the first day and a half!
Here is the corner so that you can see the border, too.

The creator of this block was making a whole sampler quilt in black and white and red.  I wish I had gotten more photos of the other blocks.  They were gorgeous and dynamic!

Another lady had layered fabric and cut Dresden blades from it--combining "Stack and Wack" and dresdens.  They were so neat.  And tempting...

Another person was "canning."  I love this!  I've seen the Bugs in the Jars quilts and wasn't too excited about them although the concept was neat.  This one is veggies and fruits in jars.  I like this version much better!

I thought I took more photos, but I see that I overlooked several fun projects.  I got too wrapped up in everything I guess.  I got home yesterday afternoon and am pretty tired.  I slept in this morning and need to get back into the swing of everyday life!

Have a great day!


  1. Great parade of quilts and projects. I love canning without going into the kitchen. Did I miss the project you worked on, will go back and check.

  2. So glad that you had a good time!! And the projects were just wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!!


  3. Coming home from a retreat, one almost requires a day of recuperation! Obviously all the ladies kept very busy with such fun projects. That was some great sewing space you had... with a window! Bonus!

  4. I love to go on retreats and am glad you had such a great time.

  5. JUST before I read your post I sent an e-mail to the person in my guild who organizes our Fall and Spring retreats to let her know that I will be there this fall ... I love, love, love quilt retreats. What could be better than quilting all day/night and having someone else do the cooking and cleanup? SIGN ME UP!! Really like the "spy" quilt with the veggies/fruits ... I could see one of those making it to my "bucket list". Glad you have a good time! Linda

  6. Thanks for sharing your retreat weekend with us. Great show and tell. You sure had a wondeful spot to sew!
    How were the meals?
    You forgot to show us what you worked on...too tired?

  7. I love retreats too. My next one is the first week of October and I'm already thinking about what I will work on. It is three nights and almost four days. I go to two retreats a year and it is so much fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what you worked on! Bonnie.