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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Playing Canasta

Hi Everyone,

Once I got home, and well, even before, I was starting to panic a bit because I hadn't started my Schnibble for the month.  In fact, I didn't even know what fabric I was going to use!  I had a few ideas, but no decision.

When we go on a trip, I am the big organizer and packer before we leave.  When we get home, the last thing I want to do is unpack, but that is my husband's strong suit--he can't unpack fast enough.  I help carry a few things in and then I just let him go.  Instead of feeling guilty, I can see the "whole picture" and know that I do my share before the trip and he does his share after.  So when we arrived, I carried a few things in and then went directly into my quilting room (really!) and started looking at my options.  (How quickly did I get in there?  If it was winter, I would probably be unzipping my coat on the way upstairs and taking it off as I was pulling out fabric.)

Although this year's Schnibble group is called "Vintage Schnibbles" this month we were in for a real treat!  This is a brand new pattern that we get to play with.  If you are interested in the pattern, you can find it here.
The hostesses for the Schnibble parades are Sinta and Sherri.  Each month we make our interpretation of the pattern and send along a photo and on the first day of the month we get to see all the versions.  Seriously, it is my favorite day of the month!
When the pattern was first announced at the beginning of the month, I had an immediate idea.  But then I went to my charm pack stash and looked through them and had a few other ideas--enough good ones that I couldn't make a decision.  When it got to "crunch time" as I was home from the trip, I decided to go for my first instinct. 
As you may know, I've been playing around with the French General in my Dresden quilt.  Since I had so many tan/gray prints and extra of the lovely dark red background, I decided to use leftovers from that project in my version of Canasta.  After all, aren't most baskets tan/grey? 
This is how my design wall looked yesterday morning.  I decided to make the smaller version for a few reasons. 
1.  I prefer square quilts
2.  I like my quilts a bit smaller than the average size of a Schnibble.
3.  TIME
I was stuck for a while trying to decide on sashing.  Did I want to use more plain red as the pattern suggested?  Or try a contrast?  Or how about use tiny fussy-cut corner squares in the sashing?  In the end, I realized that the inability to make a decision was slowing me down again, so I stuck with the pattern and used plain red. 
I should have more updates to show you next time!  By the way, when I decided to participate in this group, I promised myself that I would get the quilt finished each month--pieced, quilted, and bound.  The last thing I need is more unquilted tops in the pile, so I really need to push to get it done.  But I have inspiration!  If Wendy can do it, so can I, and I have more time that she did a few months ago!
Have a great day!


  1. VERY nice job ... I admire your tenacity ... wish I had more of that ... instead I just make list after list after list ...

  2. You are off to a great start, and it will soon be a finish! LOVE the intensity of the red!!!

  3. Love the red ! Good Choice !

  4. Great choice of fabrics!

    On a side note: I love to play Canasta.

  5. OOOH, I LOVE your red Canasta!