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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pinnies From Heaven

Hi Everyone,

I'm back!  I've been busy traveling and finishing holiday preparation but I'm home now, although I have company for a few days. 

This is a bit of a sad post as it is the last Schnibble of the year for Sinta and Sherri's Another Year of Schnibbles.  I managed to make (and finish!!) every project for the year except for June's (I have an excuse--I was moving from Hawaii to Virginia and was sort of homeless for nearly a month.)  I promised myself that if I was going to participate I needed to do every project, not pick and choose.  I love all of them!

This month's project was do make a pincushion (a pinnie for short) using Carrie's new pattern, Morsel

Image of Morsel ~ Little Bites PDF

I wasn't sure about this one.  I had never made a pincushion before, but I do follow Carrie's blog and had read her tips about making them, so I armed myself with a bag of crushed walnuts from the pet store (for stuffing) and proceeded.

The first one I tried was the pyramid.  It's shape really looked fun.  I decided to do it in patriotic fabrics since they are my favorite.

I'm sparing you the photos of crushed walnut shells spread out all over my cutting mat.  In part because it was such a mess and also because I was so busy trying to hold the pinnie, use a funnel for the shells, and TRY to get them inside, that I didn't have a free hand to take photos!  It actually wasn't so bad once I got a technique going.

It turned out a bit wonky, but I LOVE it.

I used Carrie's diagram in the pattern for putting in random larger squares along with the pieced 4 patches.  I had no idea which way was "up" or how the thing would come together, so I put them in every which direction.  I love that they are all wonky.

I quickly discovered what other pinnie creators know:  you can not possibly stop with just one.
I went through my Scnibble "leftovers" and found bits of the Collection For a Cause:  Friendship, and moved on to the other versions.
Earlier in the month, I posted here about how you can print your own twill tape.  I found a friendship-themed saying I wanted and ended up with this pinnie:
Love the red buttons!


For the background of these, I found a wool Liz Claiborne blazer at a local thrift shop for $2 and brought it home and felted it.

I had not done that before, but it was pretty interesting!  I love the neutral plaid.

I made another, again with a selected sewing quote, but this time, I wrote it onto my background fabric with a pigma pen.  Okay, I didn't "write" it, I traced it from a printout using a nice font.  It ended up being a bit large for the piece, but I still like it.

I had the brown "stitched" ribbon in my scrapbooking stash and it was perfect for the project.

Before I stuffed any of these pinnies, I "aged" the quilted pieces.  I soaked them in tea, dryer dried them, then dampened them and worked them in my hands like clay.  I would crumple them up and then iron them flat repeatedly until they were softened and aged. 

I also attempted the round pinnie, but after I got all the clips made all around the seam allowance and turned it rightside out for stuffing, I discovered a hole in the seam.  It was right in the middle of Christmas prep, so I just threw it out!

I have had so much fun doing these projects this year!  I can't thank Sinta and Sherri enough for hosting!!  If you want to see a review of my project, just click on the "Another Year of Schnibbles" tab at the top of my blog.

Have a great day!


  1. They are all amazing! You did such a great with these pin cushions. I agree - AYOS was so much fun. And it's funny because the only one I still haven't finished is also June's! :-)

  2. I agree ... they are addictive! I have this pattern and gave them a try ... got one made but we had to pack up house, retire and relocate so I'm still in the process of finding ANYTHING related to my sewing studio!! Once I do I'll be back making them ... so fun ... yours looked fantastic. Do you know if they are going to do another monthly "year" of something? I'd love to get in on it from the start! Linda

  3. Awesome little pinnies! I love the triangle one.....so cute!

  4. Love the felted plaid. Great idea!

  5. These are so cute! I love the twill tape and message.

  6. Ooooh! Just adorable :-) I've got to make more!