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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I've been swamped

Hi Everyone,

Whew, I've been busy, busy, busy, like most of you.  Baking cookies, going to the Post Office, grocery shopping, wrapping packages, running out for last-minute stuff, it goes on and on.  Luckily I had Bee today, so I got some stitching and fellowship in.  Tomorrow I have a luncheon and an evening party, then Friday the new Easy Street clue comes out and I plan to get it done because Saturday AM we are leaving for a week for Christmas. 

I finally got both Bounce and Hubble bound and washed.  I was hoping for a sunny day to take some nice photos, but no such luck on Sunday and Monday and I wrapped them Monday night.  Predictably, Tuesday was sunny, but oh well.

Bounce on my twin bed.  Both quilts are "full" so they are big on the bed, but you get the idea.

Bounce's  blue striped binding and green flannel backing.  I had both quilts backed in flannel--they are extra cozy that way.


Hubble's pink striped binding and backing.

I managed to cram them into reasonably-sized boxes for wrapping.  Hubble is on the left and Bounce is on the right.  Can you see the tie-ons?  Hubble has a pink piece of candy ornament and Bounce has a clear/white ice skate.  (Alex the ice skater is the recipient as you may recall.)
When I got home from Bee this afternoon and got the mail, I squealed with excitement to see a package that came all the way from Derbyshire, England!   It had this card.
Isn't it so British!!  I love it!

And this cute stocking ornament.  There is also a wrapped package that I'm waiting to open at Christmas.  They came from my good blog-friend Melanie at the Patchwork Robin. 
I know that I will be blogging about Easy Street by Monday morning, but I'm not sure how much else I will be doing.
Have a great day!


  1. You did a fantastic job with Hubble and Bounce. The recipients are really lucky!

  2. I love both the quilts you have been busy. X Melanie

  3. Both quilts are wonderful, congrats !

  4. What beautiful quilts! Congratulations on two fantastic finishes!!! Two someones are going to be thrilled...

    Hard to believe Christmas is just five days away... it's going to be a dash to the finish line!