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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Hi Everyone!

I have some thoughts and other things to catch you all up with. 

First, the skating costume arrived, fit like a glove, and was loved by the 7 year old.  Also, she reports that it is very comfy.  (Comfort was waaay off my radar, so that is a bonus.)  I'm excited because we are probably going to be able to see her perform!  We leave Saturday to travel 6 states over to visit our daughter, my parents, and sister's families.  We will be all eating turkey together on the big day.  I'm pretty excited!  I will post pictures of the skater.

Second, I'm trying to decide if I'm going to do Bonnie Hunter's mystery that starts later this month.  If so, I'm not using her colors, but my own.  I'm standing by with the fabrics.  In a related note, our speaker at quilt guild last week said that her Lowes was all out of the paint sample cards that Bonnie recommended!  I did Roll, Roll Cotton Bole, but I didn't do Orca Bay.  Are any of you planning to do the new one?

Third, I went to Michaels craft store today.  It was all Kim's fault.  Do you read Kim's Big Quilting Adventure?  She found these awesome red and white polkadot poinsettias there and I decided I needed some.  Let me just say right now that I need Christmas decorations like I need a hole in my head, but they are so cute!  (click on the link to see a picture.)  She found bushes of them but all I could find at my store were large, single blooms on tall stems, so I was able to resist.  Then I was looking at garlands, and even got a cart, but when I was filling it, I had a moment of clarity and put everything back!  Whew!  It was close!

Four, our fall color is absolutely splendid!  I can't resist sharing a photo that I took on Monday.

Have a great day!!


  1. Yep....me too.....like a big hole in the head! Good job resisting! You're my hero! lol

    And yeah, I'm planning on the new mystery, but in other colors, too. I'm still pulling combos trying to decide, but it will be from my 'other' stash, and not my repros. I have so much, and need to at least make a dent in it.

    Funny the influence Bonnie has on quilters....poor Lowe's didn't know what was coming! lol

    And I'm so glad the skater outfit worked out! I can't wait to see it 'in action'!

  2. Your Fall colors are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!