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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Monday

Hi Everyone!

Boy was yesterday a fun blogging day!  Linking up at Bonnie Hunter's with my Easy Street post resulted in many new friends and a few new followers.  Thank you all for the wonderful comments, too.  I think quilters are the nicest/most helpful people out there!

Since I was gone all last week, I was so relieved to look at my calendar for this week and see NOTHING written on it!  Hopefully I can use some of these days to get some things done, like getting out the Christmas decorations, working on some quilt projects (I need to get cracking on the Schnibble for the month), and maybe start the holiday baking.  I'm having family coming here for Christmas, so I'm more motivated than ever.  Speaking of Christmas decorations....

Hello, my name is JoAnne, and I have a problem.  Every year I think I'm going to be responsible.  I can resist temptation!  I will hold fast to my goals!  I don't have to succumb to it!  And then I get the whiff of that cloying cinnamon scent.  I glance over and there is the blur of red and green.  I go closer, just for a glimpse, and suddenly "Well, look at that!  Joann fabrics has a Joann nutcracker!  My name is JoAnne (my name is spelled correctly, by the way--they get it wrong) and I collect nutcrackers,"  is my immediate thought, but I quickly add "I need another nutcracker like I need a hole in the head!"  Luckily, I don't need a hole in the head because that phrase has been repeated often. 

I mean, how much is too much?

I hauled these out of the attic last night.  But wait!  There's more.  Oh, the Christmas tree bag there on the left?  It is full of garland.

I had to find other space.  Here are three more containers.
These photos don't show the 6 trees that I seem to have.  Nor does it show all the outdoor decorations (and there are plenty of them.)  Or the two vintage sleds...
As you may remember (unless you are new to my blog) I just moved this summer from living for three years in Hawaii.  We didn't take many holiday decorations with us, so lots of this I'm seeing for the first time in 4 years.  I found a tree I don't remember ever buying or using.  I also found a wreath, still in the bag, (with tags on) that I must have bought on clearance after Christmas sometime, but I don't remember it! 
So yeah, I pretty much need more like I need a hole in the head!  I think I've been pretty good.  I did need to buy an ornament for an ornament exchange.  So far I have three possibilites.  Oh, and we got this year's White House ornament, because we collect those.  And the Swarovski snowflake, we (okay, "I") collect those, too.  But then I had a major slip.  I started looking at the awesome garland that seems to be out this year.  I looked and thought and imagined and looked some more and then I bought--two lengths and a matching swag to use in the middle.  Where?  Front door? Dining room?  We will see, but amazingly, the unknown wreath I unearthed looks like it matches it!
I do have too much though, and lots of stuff I don't use anymore or no longer like, so I'm going to do a major purge.  Already I came across 3 (three!) tablecloths that don't fit any tables I own!  I have no idea why I got them.  I also suspect that we have numerous strands of lights from when we did real trees.  (I briefly considered getting a real three this year, but luckily my husband reminded me that we don't have a stand any longer and that I would have to put all those lights on it.  And water it.  And clean up the needles.  I have such a thoughtful husband!)
So my goal for today is to work on my Schnibble and go through and purge decorations.  Tonight maybe my sweet husband will get out some of the trees so I can start decorating them, but until then, I have plenty to do!
I hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. You are so funny! Have fun sewing your schnibble and clea ing put your decorations! :-)

  2. It's so hard to resist all the lovely holiday decorations in stores... and yes, perhaps it's time to purge a little. Consider donating unuses/no longer wanted decor to organizations who could use them...

    I've been downsizing in the holiday decor dept for a number of years... handing stuff off to the kids. Over T'giving, my DD went thru my box of lights... and what we didn't pitch (no longer works), she took home with her. Saved her some $ and I have one less box full o' stuff.

  3. A few years ago I purged all the xmas stuff that I don't want anymore, and then sold it in a garage sale! I priced it dirt cheap, cuz it was NOT coming back in the house! And it all went! Yay! But it didn't even make a dent in the number of totes and boxes I have in the attic! Sheesh!

  4. O my you are as bad me with those boxes. I asked my daughter to get me all the decoration boxes out of the loft on Sunday morning. When I returned in the evening there were 10 packing boxes, 2 stacker boxes, 2 trees and if I remember correctly I have another box in the garage. A bit excessive, I think I need to rationalize. Note to self: Do NOT buy any decorations this year!