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Monday, November 12, 2012

Millstone Quilts

Hello Everyone!

I have not been aggressively searching out the local quilt shops.  I think it is because there weren't too many on Oahu and so I got out of the habit of visiting brick and mortar shops and into the habit of online shopping.  I have made it to a few.  On Tuesday, at my bee, some of the ladies were talking about the "big fat quarter sale" at one of the shops.  I hadn't heard anything about it or even that the shop existed.  Two of my friends very nicely invited me along and so I went.

I guess I was thinking that the fat quarter sale would consist of the clearancing out of the tired, picked-over fat quarters that the shop had left over.  I was game to go along though, to see the shop.  I was informed that it is located inside an old mill, and out in the country along a beautiful drive.  On the way while visiting and admiring the countryside, I was thinking that I really only needed a little bit of green and some purple for my stash.  Of course, I always collect red, blue, and creams, but I figured I probably didn't need any more...

The day was absolutely gorgeous! We arrived a little after the opening time of 10am, but there were already a number of cars in the parking area.

This is the shop, isn't it cute?   The mill dates from before the Civil War!  There is now only a replica wheel, but I guess the original grinding mill is still in the basement.

You can see a bit of the stream that once turned the wheel down behind the wishing well.
The porch was all decked out with quilts!
When we got inside, the first thing that I saw was a sign that said, "free ruler if you purchase 100 fat quarters."  I got a chuckle out of that, thinking that it was pretty unlikely...  Oh, was I wrong!  No, I didn't get a ruler, but I did have fun!  The shop has been cutting fat quarters for weeks, preparing for the sale.  They are normally $3 each, but for the sale they were $1.50.  The first room was full of reproductions:  Jo Morton, Barbara Brackman, you name it!  The samples were awesome, too.  I didn't take any photos inside because I was too busy shopping and looking.  I started loading up and then went upstairs.  More treasures awaited!  Lots of Moda:  French General, Minnick and Simpson, Primitive Gatherings, Kansas Troubles, etc.  By now I gratefully accepted a bag that the staff was handing out!  There were two different levels of lofts, making for three stories total.  Ladies were everywhere, but everyone was sweet and polite.  I didn't miss out on anything I wanted, ha ha.  Again, there were so many nice samples and quilts everywhere.  The one disadvantage that I encountered, as did others, was that the light was pretty poor inside.  Sometimes it was difficult to see the color of the fabrics.  One of the ladies I rode along with had brought her flashlight.  I will have to remember this trick next time I go. (and there will be a next time!)
By the way, I discovered that the shop was featured in last year's Autum Issue of Quilt Sampler.
After an hour or less, I was ready to pay. 
 I wanted some greens, and I found plenty.
I also found some nice blues.

Can you see the words on the top one?  Respect, Liberty,--all sorts of patriotic words.  I love it!

Lots of creams/backgrounds.  You cannot have too many of these!
Reds and browns.  Yummy!
 I also found some purples.  And double-pinks.  And cheddar.
I took these photos on my back deck.  I couldn't help getting some of the pretty fall colors in the shots.  I think this weekend is probably the peak of our color.  It is so great to drive around and see all the gorgeous trees!
Have a great day!



  1. Looks like you nearly made it to the 'free ruler' mark! lol Isn't it funny how, even though we have a ton of fabric, there is always a bunch of fat quarters that 'we need' when they are on sale! lol

    Nice selection, and I love that fabric with the patriotic words on it! Very nice!

  2. What a great deal on FQs - I love the ones you selected.

    The shop looks delightful.

  3. Love the new header! It really does look great. And I must say that I am kind of jealous that you have fabulous quilt shoppes near you - what a fun discovery!

  4. What a great find! Grab a flashlight and go back :-) One of the LQS in my area is on the dark side too. No that's not a Star Wars reference. Your header looks great! I'm glad you went for it :-)