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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Updates and Tidbits

My update and a brief review of the weekend

1.  We found out that our stuff will finally get to our house on Thursday!!!!  I think my husband will get the day off Friday, as well, and so if we power through, maybe most of the unpacking can get done by Sunday. 

2.  Thursday is also the day my car is supposed to arrive, maybe it could be early?!!

3.  We finally moved out of the guest house/lodge/hotel and into our house on Saturday.

4.  Saturday night--well, make that early Sunday morning--4 am, the smoke detector batteries started chirping in 2 of the detectors upstairs.  My husband slept through it.  I don't get that AT ALL. 

5.  Sunday morning at 7 am, my husband made a trip to the store for batteries.

6.  I've been grocery shopping three times now and I still need lots. 

7.  Don't buy a microwavable lunch if you don't have a microwave!!! 

8.  My recent Sarah's Revival block is getting done.  I am getting the "kit" which means they send the patterns and red fabric for the applique.  I provide the white background.  One of the reds that I was sent was no good for me becasue it had large, white dots and I was afraid they would "bleed" into the background.  So I substituted one of my own reds and silly me!!  I chose one that isn't a quality fabric and it is ravely to beat the band and it won't hold a crease and I'm really struggling with it.  Please, if you are trying out needle-turn, do use good quality fabrics.  It makes all the difference!

9.  I'm liking the house, but still haven't "bonded" with it.  I'm cleaning it, trying to get it to feel more like "ours."  It doesn't smell right, and still doesn't feel quite right.  I have a feeling that it will once it is filled.  There really isn't anything sadder than an empty house.

10.  The best thing about the house has to be my quilting room!  I'm trying to make a decision on what to use for an island/cutting table.  I can't wait until I can get in there and sew!  I fondled with some of the fabric I bought on our trip here and refolded some of the quilts that came in our hold baggage.  I LOVE COTTON!

11.  I've been without most everything since early June.  The things I really miss--besides the contents of my sewing room?   A pencil sharpener (I cannnot stand a dull pencil and I've NEVER been able to get a mechanical pencil to work for me), a clothesbasket (I bought a new one when we arrived here in Virginia), and most of all--a printer!  What everyday object do you think you would miss?

And saving the best for last...

12.  Last week Freda had a post about making those lovely beaded stilletos out of turkey lacers, and as part of the post, she offered a drawing for the winner's choice.  And I won!!!  It really was no question which one I wanted, and it arrived yesterday. 

Isn't it gorgeous and perfect for me?  I love it so much, Freda.  Have any of you found her blog?  I really enjoy it--do check it out if you are interested.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I'm glad the stiletto arrived safely and that you like it!

    I'm also glad to learn that your STUFF will be delivered on Thursday, not to mention your car as well! So exciting.... and soon the new house will be totally yours!

  2. You truly are bringing back our own military days with your last several post. I remember it all...especially just wanting to finally be settled and the day you can just sit and sew!

  3. So happy you'll be getting your things soon!! Your house will feel like home before you know it!!


  4. So happy to hear that your stuff will finally get to you soon! Oh and number 7 above made me laugh out loud! That is exactly the kind of thing I would do!