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Monday, July 16, 2012

No, I haven't fallen off the world--it just seems that way.

Hey everyone!  I'm still "here."  It has been a bit difficult keeping track even for me, but I can update you now.  We are finally "here!"  It has been a long move, and while not over yet, at least we have arrived.  We got here on Friday--the 13th.  Of course!  No, our Friday was good.  We had left our daughter's in Indianapolis on Thursday morning and managed to travel as far as Lexington, VA.  We made it a really long first day so we would have a shorter second one.  It turns out that Lexington boasts some great antique malls, so we shopped and browsed in one before we hit the road.

We made it to Williamsburg for lunch.  Williamsburg forms the northern edge of this area, so that was great.  We saw a freeway sign for a Chick-fil-a and becasue we rarely live by one, we went there for lunch.  Alas, it turned out to be "dress like a cow and you get free chicken" day!  It was packed, but the costumes were great.  Boy, people will do anything for a free lunch!

We arrived here at Ft. Eustis around 2 or so.  It was too early to check in, so we went to my husband's new work to meet our sponsor.  They met him at the door with his new work Blackberry.  No wait, that is an exageration.  THEY MET HIM OUTSIDE WITH IT!!!  It is so funny.  I really hope it doesn't turn into being a real electronic leash...

After we toured the building and met everyone (oh yeah, we were all frumpy from two days of car travel--great impressions) we were able to check into the guest house. Once we were settled, we got out the gps and my list of potential houses and we set out to do some "drive-bys."  I had set up appointments to look at 4 this weekend, plus the military house that we were offered here.  Normally we live in military housing, but the house here seems really small compared to our last few AND the same amount of money could get us something pretty wonderful off post, so we are investigating those options. 

All of the houses we looked at, I could have moved into.  They were all really nice.  I think by this afternoon we will make our decision.  Our furniture and things should be arriving in the area this week.  We will know more about that later today, too.  I just want it to be over!  I'm tired of being homeless!  One of the reasons I haven't written more often is that I didn't want to start whining...

Hopefully tomorrow I will have more to report!  Until then, have a great day and stay cool! 



  1. Glad to hear you are well on your way to settling into your new location.
    Can't help but laugh at the thought of all those cow costumes!

  2. It was nice hearing that you made it safe and sound! I hope all goes well getting a place and unpacking, and then you can start to make a house your home!

  3. Glad you're getting closer to being settled!

    My sister and her DH live in Chesapeake and it's a wonderful area.

  4. Glad to hear you made it in one piece. Hope you are more settled soon. xxx