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Friday, July 20, 2012

How about a post about... quilting!

Thanks eveyone for the nice comments about my new quilt room.  I'm excited about it and spending lots of time surfing around for ideas and bargains.  Meanwhile, we signed the lease and have the keys now and this morning we get our small Hold Baggage shipment delivered.  This is around 500 pounds of essentials, including things like kitchen implements, extra clothes, bedding, and my backup sewing machine!  Speaking of kitchens--don't worry, the house passed the kitchen inspection long before the quilt room was discovered!

Meanwhile, how about some quilting news?  I started the Sarah's Revival Block of the Month in January, if you remember, so that I would have plenty of hand work to do during this move.  Now is time for my report on what I've been doing.   Nada!  Well, I did work on one block back in Hawaii in our "camping out" phases, but I haven't touched it since.  The problem has been the lack of a comfortable chair with a decent lamp/light source.  I do have a picture of all the blocks I've completed so far:

I'm actually really wanting to finish the next block so I can complete the square!  I don't even want to think about how many are left.  This is two month's worth and it is now July.  Sigh...

I hope eveyone has a great day!


  1. Beautiful!!! The block in the lower left corner is giving me fits!!! I am glad I chose to do it in a batik that I have a lot of! Yous is just beautiful!

  2. Glad you are starting to get moved in :-) Woohoo :-) Your sewing room is spectaular!!

  3. your blocks are beautiful and you're a fast appliquer ... is that a word? anyway I know you'll be catching up soon.

  4. Wow! Pretty challenging looking. Is it needle turn? Hats off to you, it is beautiful, but I a m not sure I would have the skills or the patience