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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Finish!

Hello everyone!

We heard on Tuesday that our stuff supposedly arrived in "the area" that day.  We were told we should hear later on Tuesday or Wednesday about a delivery date.  It is now Thursday morning and we haven't heard anything yet.  I'm trying to stay positive, but I was hoping for a Friday delivery so we would have the weekend to put things away--since my husband started working regular hours yesterday.  Before that he was on leave or "improccessing" so he had flexible hours.  I'm telling myself that if we don't get it this week at least we will have a free weekend to explore/junk again.

Meanwhile, I spent the day in the room yesterday.  We only have one vehicle right not--something I may not have mentioned before.  My car is still making its way here, as well, and is due on Aug. 2.   My husband's vehicle is a 3/4 ton, huge pickup with a long bed and I haven't driven it in at least 4 years.  He hasn't driven it all that much in the past 3 years as we left it at my parent's house when we lived in Hawaii. 

I occupied myself by appliqueing!  I actually finished the Sarah block that I started back in Hawaii.
And I started another.  Hopefully that one will go more quickly.

While we are living in a hotel room, we do have a small fridge and a microwave, so we do breakfast and lunch in our rooms.  We sometimes go out for dinner--especially to the places that we didn't have in Hawaii, but we also frequent the D Fac.  Do you know what a D Fac is?  It stands for Dining Facility--in other words, the Army mess hall.  The one here is pretty new and the first time we visited I spied the cool quilt-like tile pattern.

The picture doesn't show quite the true color--the yellow is more like "cheddar" which is so appropriate for a food establishment!  The flying geese are a plum color.  Isn't it great finding quilt/tile patterns?

Speaking of the D Fac, though, we pay at the door--the price is a mere $4.55 per person--that is $9.10 for the two of us.  You can choose the "hot" line (featuring 2-3 entree choices for the day), or the grill line (where you can get burgers, grilled cheese, fries, etc.)  We have been doing the hot line so that we get  a real meal, complete with veggies, etc.  Then you can get a salad, soup, and dessert.  Here is my tray from yesterday.

No, I wasn't able to finish it all!  I shouldn't have taken both soup and salad, but when I see a good soup, I can't resist trying it, and I already had taken the salad.  And dessert?  Who can possibly turn down pineapple upside down cake?  Anyway, all of that for $4.55!  And it is good, too, not nasty like school cafeterias can be.

That is my news for today!  I hope you all have a great day!



  1. I remember the chow hall when I was in the Navy.....and it was great! It was the only place I ever saw fried okra.....yummy.....like candy! And when my hubby was on the ship.....the Chief's Mess was wonderful. He invited me aboard a couple of times, and it was very nice! Your dinner looked great....and very reasonable, too! Perfect!

    And isn't it nice being trapped in your hotel room with nothing to do but sew! You can spend the whole day sewing and not feel guilty! Yay!

  2. I hope you hear something today about your stuff... it would be great to get it tomorrow to give you the weekend to starting unpacking and setting up your new home. Like your attitude concerning your stuff not being delivered tomorrow... a great way to spend an unencumbered weekend!

    The only mess hall I've enjoyed was at a USCG station in Destin FL... for Thanksgiving! It was so delicious....

  3. Great post! Hope you get your stuff soon, but I tend to think like Regan, it is great not having to do anything and can sew guilt free. Your meal was a real deal and looked quite yummy.

  4. Hoping you get you things soon!! Love your Hawaiian Block!!