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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Still Here

I know I've been an absentee blogger for the past week, but there just hasn't been a lot to say.  Today is the last full day in our house.  Tomorrow we turn it over and take our car to the port to ship and then check into a resort down on Waikiki and enjoy our last few days.  It seems that it has been coming for so long that it is weird that we are in our last week.  Come Sunday night we will be flying off to the mainland, leaving our "three year Hawaiian Vacation" behind.

Since we are turing in the house tomorrow, that means we are cleaning like crazy the past couple days.  So far I have the dining room, living room,  my old sewing room, and one of the bathrooms done.  That leaves 1.5 baths, the greatroom, our bedroom, the guest room, and ...the kitchen.  I've started on the kitchen already and have the biggie--the stove--done.  Whew!  I just have the inside of the fridge left (yuck).  And then I have to sweep and clean the laminate floors. 

The biggest job will be packing everything up.  I can not believe how two people with very little stuff can have things so spread out!  Just thinking that it all has to fit into 4 suitcases and one carry-on is worrying me a bit.  Yesterday I even mailed 4 flatrate boxes to our new address. 

We have been trying to do some fun things, too.  We snorkeled Tuesday afternoon and had a great time.  We were telling a friend about it and he wanted to go to that spot, too.  So on Sunday afternoon, we picked him and his college-aged son up and headed to the north shore.  Just before we got to the spot, an ambulance passed us with lights and sirens and we saw it turn into the parking lot where we would park.  It was filled with rescue vehicles.  We learned from the crowd that a man had been found by a diver on the bottom.  He was snorkeling and must have run into problems and drowned.  They got him out and managed to revive him.  Last we heard he was in very critical condition.  The strange thing is this:  The last time we went snorkeling with our friend and his son (over Christmas break) someone drowned there, too.  We were in the water, not too far away from that incident.  It didn't look good for that guy, either, but was revived as well.  The lesson here is that while the beach/water looks pretty--Hawaii is really in the middle of the Pacific ocean!  Swim with a buddy and be careful!

I can't wait for a bit of resort life.  Our loaner furniture is very nice, but lacks comfort.  I'm ready for a comfy bed, the chance to lay by the pool and read, and the massage I have booked!  So I guess I need to go grab a toilet brush and get busy!



  1. The last few days before you actually leave are weird... I am glad you'll get a couple of days at a resort to relax/unwind after all that cleaning before you hop a plane to the East Coast (I assume you're heading right to the East Coast?)

    I hope the rescued man will be okay... so scary...

  2. Sure sounds like a lot on your plate JoAnne! But it also sounds like you really have everything well organized and are tackling it with everything you've got! Enjoy your stay at the resort...it sounds delightful!

  3. Wanted to be sure you got my email - I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog today! Congrats!

  4. Resort living sounds glorious! Hope you get to that point really soon!

  5. I've missed your posts, but completely understand. Enjoy your luxury break before all the unpacking starts!

  6. I hope you enjoyed your last few days in Hawaii. Now comes the massive task of unpacking. Good luck with your new home.xxx Melanie

  7. I guess the new adventure is very nearly started. I wish you luck in the transition! Hope you don't stay away too long during all of it!