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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Do you have a blog?  Or do you just follow your favorites?  Isn't it amazing when you make a connection with someone?  They quickly become a friend, even if you have never officially met.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Linda at the Quilted Pineapple and she is even more lovely and charming than her quilting, and that is saying something!

This past Sunday my husband and I went to airport to meet another blog friend and her family.  He kept questioning me:  You've never met her?  Do you know what they look like?  How are we going to figure out who they are?  Are you making a sign?

My anwers were:  No, I've never met her.  She has a husband and two boys about 3 years apart.  They are coming in on a plane from Kona--it isn't big.  I don't think we will have a problem figuring it out. 

And we didn't.  After waiting a bit, there they were!  And I was "officially" meeting Michelle from Island Life Quilts.  Yes, I "met" a friend at the airport.  We gave them all leis--flowers for Michelle, kukui nuts for her husband, and candy lei for the boys.  Can I just say that they are the neatest, friendliest family ever.  Her boys are very polite and helpful.  Michelle's husband even had some time in the military, too, so he and my husband "speak the same language."  I think we managed to enjoy each other's company.

Monday morning we met to go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.  The weather wasn't the best, and the surf was up a bit, and it was crowded, so it wasn't the greatest time snorkeling, but it was nice sitting (or maybe huddling?) on the beach and visiting. 

I should not be surprised that she and her family are so charming.  She is a quilter and aren't we some of the best, most friendly people out there?  I look forward to a chance to sometime "officially" meet you all, as well, but until then, I'm happy to call you friends!



  1. Quilters in Blog-Land are indeed some of the very nicest people I've ever met... virtually and in real life! They have expanded my world in ways I could have never imagined...

  2. While driving down the East Coast, I arranged to meet a blog friend at her house, and my grown son was shocked that I would meet up with someone from the 'internet'! "How do you know it's not a scam, and you'll be chained to the basement wall!" When I met Maureen, she said her family said the same darned thing! "What if this woman coming over is a nut, and attacks you!?!" LOL

    I guess quilters are a breed apart! Thank goodness! :o)

    Glad you enjoyed your visit!

  3. Ditto to all of the above!! Blog pals are the best!! I just found your blog and am your newest follower!!!


  4. Well said my "blogging friend".

  5. Well congratulations on you Leibster Award, I just dropped in to read about life in Hawaii. I myself was in the Navy for 9 years and my husband for 20. He retired in 2005. I love my bloggy frieds and love to meet new ones. Think I will follow you!