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Saturday, June 9, 2012

One, Two,...

It takes over a month to ship houshold goods to and from Hawaii so the Army is willing to help you out.  Once you get housing (or are about to leave it, as we are) they have furniture for you to use.  This is referred to as Aloha furniture.  We got a sofa

 and a matching chair as well as end tables.  Please do notice the heavy vinyl covering the cushions!  Also two beds:

A full-sized and twin sized.  It is just the two of us, but my husband is over 6 foot tall.  When he lays down on a full-sized bed with his head right against the wall, his heels hang over the foot, so he sleeps diagonally, leaving a small triangle for me, so the twin is mine.  We also got the two nightstands and a small dresser.

A table with 4 chairs rounds out the furniture.  Certainly it is far from luxurious, but anyone who has gone any length of time without a chair can appreciate a place to sit.  Also having real beds instead of air mattresses is very nice, even if they are small.  The important thing is that they are up off the floor--in a place where we have centipedes over 6 inches long, this is a huge bonus!

After getting the furniture, you can then go to Army Community Service and visit their lending closet.  There I got an "issue" for two people which includes some pots and pans and dishes, and even a toaster and coffee pot.  More importantly, because of the whole uniform thing, you can also get an iron and ironing board!  I didn't, though.  I came home an unpacked everything and found this:

 Two plates!

 Two spoons!

Two cups! I guess we better not have any company for dinner! Ever since I have been humming a little tune. Do you know your classic Sesame Street?

I loved this one when I was little.  I did find the cats at the end a little disturbing though!


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  1. Love classic Sesame Street and remember that clip/song from back in the day when I watched it with my kids!