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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quilt Show post #1: Challenge Quilts!

Our quilt guild's show opened tonight and it was a wonderful evening.  I'm going to post more about it later, but I was most excited to see the challenge quilts, and I know my mom has been, too, so without further ado, here we go!
These were the fabrics.  The rules stated we had to use at least half a fat quarter of two of them.

This is mine.  I'm not too artisitic with my quilts, but I was happy with this because it is so unlike my usual style.  I knew there would be entrants who saw something in the fabric that I didn't and I couldn't wait to see the interpretations.

This is the first place winner:  "Misty Mountain and the Water Loolie" by Sally Bartholomew.  So stunning and dimensional.
Second Place went to Holly Jessop with her "Hawaiian Dichotomy."  The story is the blending of Hawaii's native flora and fauna with our modern urbanization.  Can you tell she is a Biologist/Scientist?  I love it!
Rowena Ballando was telling me at aerobics just a week or two how she was trying to get her quilt done in time.  She finished "Butterfly Garden" and won third place!  Rowena is pretty new to quilting, too.  Awesome
Rain Forest by Judi Faris
Fantasy Reef and Anemone Sea by Jean Harr
Night Sky Over Diamond Head by Susan Haushalter

Challenged!! by Maureen Lamb

Love of Life by Jo-Ann Marques

Challenge 2011 by Claudia Marr.  Dimensional
Chrysanthemums and Cranes by Joan Masaki
Turmoil by Sharon Nakasone  Sharon is our featured quilter this year.  I think you can see why!  I sure never looked at that fabric and thought "volcano!"

What a Challenge! by Ellen Owens

And finally, "Challenge Me" by Charlotte Szarmes

All the quilts turned out so beatiful and so different!  This is why I love to participate in challenges.

Stay tuned for more quilt show blog posts!


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