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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Iron Scrapper

Today was the big day!  Yes, despite not having scrapbooked at all since way before Christmas, and only stopping by the shop once since the New Year, I participated in our local scrapbook shop's National Scrapbook Day Iron Scrapbooker as a challenger.  I and one other challenger competed against last year's Champion in a three way contest of creativity!

I was asked because I am on the design team for the shop--this means I get to make samples with all the new, wonderful product.  I can't believe that I haven't been in in months to get new samples to make.  Now that I spent some serious time in the shop, I'm all motivated to pull out all my scrapbooking stuff and play with it for awhile.  The problem is that the same workspace that I use for quilting is also where I scrapbook.  I love to do both of these activities, but it seems that quilting has been winning out lately.

Back to the contest...  I was curious as to how it would work because I hadn't seen it last year.  The shop had just recieved samples of brand new papers from BoBunny.  There were three different themes, and we drew numbers to see which theme we would get.  The choices were a very Hawaiian-like packet (I cannot wait until they are out because I'm going to buy all of it, LOL) a Patriotic Packet (also very cool papers!) and a Zoo/Natural set.  Each packet had maybe 8 sheets of printed papers and we had to choose 3 of them.  Also we had to select 2 cardstock papers of our choice.  Some of all 5 of the papers had to be used.  Required elements included:  ribbon, at least 2 photos (dummy cardstock is used instead of actual photos) the 5 papers, and at least two of the following techniques (sand/emboss, ink/chalk, pop dots, glitter glue/paint, and others I think I'm forgetting)  Also the secret ingredient:
A 12" bracket die from Quikutz.  We had to cut one of these and use it on our layout.

We had 15 minutes to gather supplies and get organized.  We were allowed to bring our own cutters and adhesives.  Whatever tools, embellishments, inks, etc. we wanted to use had to be selected during this time.  Once we were creating, we could no longer pick anything out.  Boy did that 15 minutes fly by! 

At the conclusion of the prep time, we immediately started creating.  We had 20 minutes to make one 12x12 page.  Luckily, I find Bobunny papers to be very "user friendly."  They really make it easy to make a page with all the coordinates.  I found myself rising to panic whenever they announced the time remaining, but I would calm back down.  I tried to stay focused.  My first issue was during prep--my packet had 2 different options that I wanted to make.  I left the decision up to the embellishments, though, and one of my ideas was the clear winner in that regards.  I wish I had instantly made the decision, though, because the "waffling" time was wasted.  Despite being out of practise, though, I mostly did all right.  I did forget one important thing and so I'm not feeling so great about my design.  I included all the required elements, it was just a part of my design that I forgot about.  We all finished with the required elements. That 20 minutes went by faster than the 15 minutes of prep!

Judging will be done by customers via email or ballots in the shop.  The entries are anonymous--that is why I haven't shared my theme.   The results will be tabulated in a week. It was so much fun, even though I got a bit stressed!  By the time I got home, I was pretty much done for.

Of course, since it was Nat'l Scrapbook Day, there was a sale--20% off everything--so I did not come home empty-handed.  I also have a packet to make up for a shop sample AND I have extra papers from my contest packet to use to make another 12x12 sample to display with the contest entry.  My sample packet is a snowflake theme.  I seems no one here has those kinds of photos, LOL!  They saved it for me because I lived in Alaska for 4 years and they know that I still have photos to scrap from there! (How long ago has it been?--I won't say)


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  1. sounds stressful! how long is voting open?