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Friday, July 3, 2015

July Fourth Home Tour

Hi Everyone,

You may guess that today is one of my favorite holidays!  What's not to love on the most Patriotic day of the year?  I thought I would celebrate by finally showing you pictures of our new house, since it is always decorated for the Fourth.

Here is the front.  We only have the bunting hanging on Patriotic holidays.  This was Memorial day, but we also hung it on Flag day, and now for the Fourth.  We are going to take down that tree that blocks the porch.  I hate to lose a tree on purpose, but it blocks so much light.

This is the entryway.  I knew the wall would be perfect for a church pew, so we shopped around on Craig's list and antique shops and finally found one the right length and price.  On it, are some pillows inside vintage pillowcases that we have collected from every military post that we have lived. (They were popular from WWI through the 60s as gift items)

Next up is the dining room.  When we bought the house, it was painted a wine/maroon color.  I have always wanted a red dining room, but it was just too dark (the window is covered by that tree out in front of the house.)  I painted it cream, and it is much brighter.

Here is the living room from upstairs.  

Across from the entertainment center is the fireplace.

The yellow walls came with the house.  I like it so far, but I suspect when it needs to be painted, it will become cream, as well.  It is not a "do it yourself" project with the vaulted ceiling!

There was nowhere to display my Uncle Sam collection, so I made this shelf and my husband helped me put it up.  Through the door is the kitchen.

The fireplace in the living room is a pass-through.  Here it is from the kitchen side.

The kitchen has a desk area, which I love and is where I keep my laptop and the household paperwork.  The quilt is one that I didn't make--my good friend Dorothy made it for me and I love it!

From the desk, you look out the slider across the eating area.

The kitchen itself.

The kitchen was two shade of green when we moved in.  I don't have anything against green, but it just doesn't go with my decor.  I did a lot of considering and decided on a medium blue.  I got the idea from Minick and Simpson's fabric lines.  They are patriotic--red, white, and blue, but they usually have a pretty, medium blue as well.  This color is "Americana" by Pittsburg Paint, which made it perfect, in my opinion.

Behind my desk area is the sunflower-themed powder room, which I shared here.  The laundry room is behind the kitchen. Behind the door in the kitchen is a pantry.

Off the living room is the master bedroom.  I decided that I wanted a main floor master since this house will be our "forever" home and in case there is any issue with either of us in the future and using stairs, I wanted to eliminate the need.  I was just looking for pictures of the master, but I can't find any.  I'm afraid this post won't be finished if I go take some, so I'll skip that for now.

Upstairs are three bedrooms--one of which is my quilt room and a bathroom.  The other two bedrooms are guest rooms.  The "front room" (facing the street) is still green.  It also has a vaulted ceiling, so I haven't painted it yet.  The green works, though, with some of my quilts.

The quilt on the bed is "Eldon" by Laundry Basket Quilts, made from Thimbleberries fabric.  There is an old, green ladder in the corner full of quilts, too.


The front room is bright and is where visiting girls usually stay.  

The other room was that of a teenage girl when we bought the house.  All walls were gray except the window wall was teal.  This room became our "Presidential Suite."  We started the long-standing joke about the name of this room years ago.  When you decorate Patriotically, there are sub-themes, such as Uncle Sam, etc.  I also collect vintage Presidential memorablia, so we display it in the guest room--hence the "Presidential Suite."  When I was looking at paint samples, I found one at Lowe's that was actually called "Presidential Suite!"  I took it, but I thought it may be too dark for a room.  I decided to try it out, though.

It is a dark blue, but it has a lot of red in it, making it more "royal," maybe, but not too bright.  When I first started painting, I panicked!  It looked really purple.  Here is is on the teal wall.

I knew, though, that paint dried darker and needs more than one coat.  In the end, I loved it!  Here are some pictures from around the room.   My nephew's crib is usually in the corner.  This is the room that the boys usually sleep in.

We also have a finished basement, but I'm not quite done decorating down there yet.  I've put all my "leftover" decorations down there and am having trouble pulling them together.  So, that's pretty much it for now.

 I hope you have a safe and Happy Independance Day!


  1. What a lovely home you have JoAnne! Thank you so much for the tour on such a special day. Your paint choices, including their names are spot on! And so many beautiful patriotic quilts! Just gorgeous!! Have a great Fourth of July!!

  2. You have a beautiful home, JoAnne. It looks so warm and inviting.

    Happy 4th to you and your family!

  3. I love it! I'm pretty much decorated Patriotic year round too, but I don't have the collections that you have. Happy 4th of July!

  4. You have a very patriotic themed home. I like your collection of Uncle Sams and the blue plates on the dining room wall. Love seeing all the quilts in red, white and blue.

  5. What a lovely home!! Glad you guys found just the perfect house and you have it decorated so cute! Have a great 4th!

  6. Beautiful JoAnne! It's just as I pictured it. Have a great holiday and Summer too!

  7. Love your house Joanne! I had a couple of "oh my goodness" moments looking at the pictures. The pillows in your front hallway gave me a flashback to a piece that hung in my parents bedroom from Camp Atterbury Indiana. My dad was stationed there when he met my mom on a blind date. I'm sure it was one of those pillows but my mom had it framed. And the Rise and Shine quilt you have in one of your bedrooms. I made that quilt too... I just don't know where it went to since I moved. Gotta look for it. Thanks for the wonderful tour... and God Bless America!

  8. What a fun tour of your lovely home! I love seeing your little chair collection, as well as all the patriotic treasures--thanks for sharing!

  9. A great day to show off your house. I envy you all the storage in your kitchen, that's what our kitchen lacks.

  10. Your home is amazing and beautiful! You have a long picture next to the blue plates - I have the same one!!!! Happy 4th!

  11. Your house looks terrific JoAnne! I love the bench and pillows! And your awesome quilts!

  12. Happy 4th! Thanks for sharing the photos of your beautiful home -- you certainly have done a lot of decorating in a very short time!

  13. Your house looks terrific JoAnne! I love the bench and pillows! And your awesome quilts!

  14. Your house looks terrific JoAnne! I love the bench and pillows! And your awesome quilts!

  15. Wow! loved seeing your home tour - it's such a fun welcoming place! I can tell that you are in your forever home by the love that you've put into it.... Thanks for all the pictures.

  16. Thank you for opening your home to us. It is beautiful and shows the love you give to your family. Thank you to both you and your husband for the years of service ans dedication you have given to all of us and our country.

  17. What a delightful tour. You have given me some great ideas and I feel then sudden urge to go get my box of flags and get to work!
    Love your home!

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  19. Love the tour of your new home and just so lovely......fits in with Independence day and you have so many great little nooks .....love it and thanks for the tour.

  20. Your home is fantastic, it looks amazing. Hope you had a great 4th July xxx

  21. Beautiful home! You really have a way with decorating!

  22. Your home is lovely and I love how you decorate with your quilts. I think the Presidental suite might be my favorite though-and I don't even like blue! I would like to suggest that maybe you should just prune the tree in front of your porch? That way you could still enjoy your tree and sunlight too.

  23. Love your home. Such great quilts and vintage/antique items. Our bedroom is patriotic and I have lots of patriotic items throughout the living areas during the summer. I will look forward to seeing the basement when you are finished.


  24. Your home is beautiful, JoAnne. I see absolutely no clutter (unlike at my home). Good for you!!!

  25. Somehow I missed this post. I'm so glad I found it eventually. Your house and decor are so pretty, and yet warm and welcoming too. Thanks for the tour!

  26. Lovely home! Warm and inviting! I love your decorating themes. In the entry way, between the tall window next to the door and the corner is what looks like a wooden flag with plaques hanging off the bottom. Would you share what they are or what they say? I curious because it reminds me so much of my sister's patriotic taste So!

  27. I have loved looking at your photos of your beautiful home. You have done an amazing job of decorating.