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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

While the Paint Dried

Hi Everyone!

I still haven't downloaded my photos from the MidAtlantic Quilt Fest yet, but never fear, I will share them soon.  One of the reasons why it hasn't gotten done was that I have been wanting to paint our powder room since the New Year.  I've had paint samples hanging in there and had it narrowed down to 2 and then decided on "the one."

I've been procrastinating painting the bathrooms because of toilets, tile, vanities, light fixtures, etc.  There are so many areas to tape off.  Anyway, Sunday became THE DAY.  I got the paint and primer and we started emptying the room and I taped.  This room is tiny so we removed the toilet completely.  There was still a patch of drywall that was unpainted behind it!    Here is the big irony:  most of this house was green when we bought it, and I repainted it all--mostly to blue.  This bathroom was navy blue.  You would think that would be perfect for me, but my powder room decor is sunflowers and I remove all the sunflower stuff at the holidays and decorate it all with Christmas stuff (mostly a Santa and cardinals theme,) so the navy wasn't working.  It was also pretty dark in a small room with no window and poor lighting.  I considered changing it to gold, tan, etc. but ended up painting it green!  I find that really funny.

I needed to prime it because the navy was painted with a stripe technique.  They painted the room in either a flat or eggshell finish and then used the same exact shade in a satin finish to give a real subtle stripe.  So after tapine everything off and covering up the vanity, I applied one coat of primer Sunday before bed.  Monday, I woke up and applied two more coats of primer.  The primer dried fairly quickly, but after the third coat, I wanted to give it a bit longer before I began with the paint.

I checked my blog feed.  I've been following Buttermilk Basin's spring blog hop and Monday was Pam Buda's day.  Her project was right up my alley.  You can find the directions and free pattern here on her blog.  She designed a pinkeep made with red, white, and cream fabrics AND she fussy-cut the small 1 1/4" squares used for the patchwork portion!  Before you could ask "What about the bathroom?" I was on my way upstairs and pulling fabric and cutting.  I got all the small squares required cut out and arranged and then went back down to deal with the first coat of green paint.  While that dried, I was right back upstairs stitching the patchwork together.  By the end of the day, the bathroom was completely painted and my pinkeep was completed, stuffed, and embellished.

I took the first photo of it laying on my sofa, but since Pam had styled hers so nice on her blog, I decided to play around with mine.

The bathroom completely dried over night and then last night when my husband got home from work, we installed a new light fixture and the toilet and then put the room back together.  Here is one picture--since the room is so small, it's difficult to get other angles without the toilet or the mirror involoved.

I've been doing lots in my sewing room, but this pinkeep is the first thing I've finished in a while.  I need to share more of what I'm doing!

Have a great day!


  1. Dovetailing projects is a great way to get done what "has to" be done and what you "want" to do.
    Love the pinkeep. It tempted me, but I was too lazy to actually make it. : )

  2. You are an excellent and productive multi-tasker. I love the pin keep, it's so you.

    I also love the paint color you choose for the powder room.

  3. Love your new pinkeep JoAnne - I thought this was a gorgeous project of Pam's too. Glad to read you were able to mix business and pleasure and got both things done :-)

  4. The pin keep is lovely.
    I love the sunflowers against the green too. X

  5. Like Jeanna said above - you're great at multi-tasking! It's great that you were able to do what needed to be done in the bathroom, as well as feeding your creative spirit along the way! Love that little pinkeep!

  6. You should come to Colorado for a visit. I would put you to work painting, though. I need to do so much and I hate painting because I'm so very bad at it!!! I'm happy for you that you are settling in so well in your new home. Your sewing room is giving me lots of ideas!

  7. I really like the pinkeep you made. You made the perfect little vignette to display it.