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Friday, March 28, 2014


Hi Everyone,

Thank you everyone for your feedback on my post yesterday!  It was a fun day to read all of your lovely comments.  I will take pictures of my visit to the quilt museum and share them with you.

Also, don't forget that you have until midnight tonight to leave a comment on this post in order to have a chance to win the giveaway.  I will announce the winner on Monday.

This month's Schnibble pattern was Hook.
Image of Hook PDF ~ No. 476

The pattern was announced during the big Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest.  I already had the pattern so I got it out to read and discovered that a 60 degree ruler would help make things easier and then I realized I didn't have one, so we went back to the show on Sunday so I could purchase one.

Sometimes I have a hard time choosing what fabric to use, and sometimes it is easy.  This month's choice was easy.  I opened up my drawer of charm packs, and Bakesale, by Lori Holt, was practically shouting "pick me, pick me!" So I did.  I have lots of solid white to put with the charms.

When I look at the quilt on the cover of Carrie's pattern, above, I see lots of white space.  I know that appeals to lots of you out there, but for some reason, it wasn't appealing to me.  Luckily, I had seen another version of Hook that Carrie made in which she chose to place another fabric as the plain triangle.

The idea of using another fabric appealed to me, and I knew just which one!  I had yards and yards of a Lori Holt striped fabric from a previous line, and it would coordinate perfectly with Bakesale.  So I got to work.  The way that Carrie instructs you to make and cut the pieced triangle star points is just brilliant!  I loved making them.  I assembled the half-block units and lined them up on my design wall.  I cut the alternate triangles from the striped fabric, and...   ... hated them!  The stripe is complex so it looked all chopped and busy.  I didn't really have enough of any other Lori Holt fabric to use and I still didn't want to use more white, so it hung out on the design wall for a while.

About a week later, I realized that I had some red solid.  One of the charms squares I used in making the star points was solid red, so I replaced those with some others and then cut red triangles and put them in place.  Oh boy!  The quilt started singing!!

Then the fun in the construction of this project came to a screeching halt.  It wasn't that it was hard, it was just that you needed to press seams open.  I don't enjoy that.  And then sewing the long rows together, I had to be careful to match the points.

Using fork pins helped.  But not much.  I ripped out a few places and redid some bits of seams to fix some problem areas, and slowly I got it all together.  After that, it was easy to piece the leftover strips in order to make an inner border and then the quilt was all together.

I love the bright, happy, vintage look to Lori's fabrics!  I did sneak in a few scraps of Sew Cherry (from another past fabric line.)

It would have been a great quilt to stitch in the ditch, but wherever the points meet up, there is quite a lump of fabric, so I just took the easy way out and meandered all over it.

I was able to use the striped fabric as the binding!

If you want to see more versions of this quilt, head on over to Sinta's and Sherri's blogs on the first!  They will also be announcing the pattern for April.

Have a great day,


  1. I love the red stars that have emerged out of your as nibbles pattern. Another great Schnibbles!

  2. The solid red fabric is PERFECT ! What a fun quilt :-D

  3. This is so dang sweet! And the red is wonderful for the background! Awesome!

  4. Wow it looks fabulous. I love the red. x

  5. JoAnne, next time you have fussy points to meet up, try using wash out basting tape. I use a straight pin to place the points together, pull them apart slightly and place a smidge of tape between the two pieces. Smash them together and pull the pin. Done!

  6. Wow, I like your version a lot! I think the additional colored units really make the stars pop. It's interesting to read how you progressed from start to finish.

  7. Red is my #1 favorite color so this would have been a "go to" fabric choice for me, too! Beautiful quilt, JoAnne. When I first saw "Hook" I was a little put off by what I perceived as confusing instructions but after seeing the results I need to give this a try. Hope I'm a winner!! Linda

  8. I love the red.....i chose a henry glass dark purple with tone on tone small stars for my background...cant wait to get mine done. Guess I dont have much time. Wendy and I are off to the Arizona Quilt Show today. Yeah! Well done on your scnibbles. I love the outcome. And I must agree, a bit of a challenge

  9. It's so cute! I love Lori Holt's fabrics--good choice on the red--it really sets off the blocks!

  10. Red was a great choice for this pattern... your stars look fab!

  11. Your Hook looks great! I'm glad you also had the same problem I had and that we both finished them!

  12. Love your Hook!!! I made mine with a light grey background and used Good Morning by Me and My Sister (older fabric line). This one was a little more time consuming than normal but I love how it turned out! I need to quilt it tomorrow and take its picture!

  13. I love the red! It compliments the colors and is so sweet.

  14. The red really makes those stars pop! Great choice!

  15. I love your Hook! I really wanted to use an accent fabric for the setting triangles, but just didn't want to purchase more fabric and didn't have anything to use. Great job on yours!!

  16. The red was a good choice. It does have a vintage feel to it. I can see it's been through the wash and it's got that nice, crinkly, soft look to it. I bought the pattern for Hook even though I knew I wouldn't have time to make it this month. It's on my future to-do list though.

  17. Looks beautiful with a red solid background. I much prefer this to the original!