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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Current Project

Hi Everyone,

I'm really enjoying hearing about the dream quilts that you would like to make one day.  If you didn't see yesterday's post and want to enter the give away, you can find it here.

Although I haven't been blogging much this month, I have been working on things here and there.  At the moment, I have a couple things going and I seem to be jumping from project to project with no rhyme or reason--just quilter's ADD.  I find it fairly frustrating, as I normally start and finish something so I can keep my focus.  I'm not sure what is going on with me lately.  I suppose I have lots on my mind and am stressed more than usual with my husband's impending retirement from the Army and having NO IDEA where we will end up this summer!  Yikes!

Here is one project:  the Bee that I'm in has decided to do some exchange projects this year.  One of the projects is to make some flower blocks.  We who are participating will each make 16 and then swap and come home with 16 others.  The rules are that the flower fabric must be a floral--any type of floral fabric--and the background is white or white-on-white.  One of our members donated yellow for the centers, so they will all be the same.

They are fairly easy in that the construction is complex.  Each petal block begins with a square of floral and then smaller squares are used in the "flip corner" technique to give the shape to the petal.

Two larger squares of background are done like this, pressed and the "waste corner" is trimmed away.   (Yes, I'm keeping the corners and sewing them into half square triangles.   Whether they ever become anything remains to be seen.) 

A smaller yellow square is applied in the same manner for the center.  Then all 4 petals are stitched together to make the flower.  While the techniques are pretty "easy," we are all finding that keeping everything square and the correct size is more challenging.  I am taking my time at each step to make sure I'm keeping everything right and also utilizing a more "scant" quarter inch seam allowance than usual.  

Here are some of my first set.  We will be exchanging groups of 16 three times over the year.  I only have 3 more to make for this group but I got interested in something else!  I'll show that tomorrow.  That project is why I'm posting so late today.  Do you know the feeling when you get interested/excited in something so much that you hit the floor running with it in the morning? Anyway, knowing how distracted I am lately, I'll probably be onto something else later this afternoon. (If so, hopefully it will be finishing these flower blocks!)

Have a great day!


  1. Cute flower blocks. I don't have your worries, but I still flit from project to project.

  2. I love this little flower pattern. I have the same problem... in fact, I have several of these flower blocks cut out and ready to go... but got distracted. I love your giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  3. Do you mind sharing the sizes of the pieces prior to construction? Those would be cute for a donation quilt for a baby, methinks! I've ALWAYS had the problem of starting a gazillion projects and then wind up lucky enough to finish one or two--it IS frustrating!!

  4. I love these little flowers, JoAnne. I don't think you mentioned what size you're sewing them but I'm guessing 2" or 2 1/2" -- or maybe smaller. Smaller would be even cuter (but take longer, of course). Thanks for sharing them.

  5. I often have "project ADD"! You create so many wonderful quilts you are entitled to a little ADD!

  6. Oh JoAnne I can certainly relate to the ADD thing. I have been a bit restless lately, but knowing we are on the road again next week doesnt help. I really like your flower blocks. I may have to trythem out on a little project. I feel for you about the retirement life changes And all the uncertainty. It will all work out but the not knowing how and when can sure be hard to deal with... Looking forward to tomorrow's post and the new project.

  7. What cute flower blocks! Another inspiration... No! Wait! You must finish up those UFOs... you MUST!

    Just one little flower block won't hurt, will it?

    I know you... you won't stop with just ONE flower block!

    Ha! You wait and see..