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Monday, March 31, 2014

Blogger Girls Block of the Month: Month 4

Hi Everyone,

I'm back again with my version of this really fun project.  You can find this month's pattern on this page.  Monique has her blog post about the next block here.

Monique designed the setting of this quilt and asked each of us Blogger Girls to choose a block.  This month's pattern was chosen by Jodi.  I have loved all of them so far!

I went to work on this month's blocks by first choosing the fabrics I wanted to use for each version.  Then I looked over the pattern to see how both blocks differ.  I've said before that I get excited about these BOMs because of the manipulation of the same block to get two totally different-looking blocks.  This year, however, some of the changes are created not just by value placement, but also by turning some of the units in other directions or substituting a single square in place of a four-patch, etc.  Since I really loved the challenge of just changing the color/value placement, I'm sticking with that this year--how you create your blocks is up to you.

This is the first block I did:

The directions for the second version involved turning the "house" shapes that are shown in the block above in to the center so that the "roof" touches the center.  I chose to leave all the pieces in the same position.  This is my second version:

These two blocks still look fairly similar, so I can see why Monique turned the pieces--it allows for a very different look.  The fun of this project is that you can try your own manipulations and perhaps come up with another completely different look!  I love seeing everyone else's blocks and what they have done.

Speaking of which...

You can check out Sherri's blocks at A Quilting Life, Lissa's at Moda Lissa, Denise at Quilters Window, and Jodi at Pleasant Home

I also know that Auntie Em at Quilt Crossing is also working on this project.  She is using 30s repros.
If you are working on any I would love to share them, too.  Just email me.

I'm still spending my day at the military retirement class.  There is some good information, but more comfy chairs would be welcome!

Have a great day!


  1. Ahhh, your blocks are so beautiful! Great fussy cutting. It looks so different, just by using different values in the blocks. I love it!

  2. Love your blocks and the way you fussy cut some of the fabrics. (and thanks for the shoutout to my blog :-) )

  3. I've been channeling you lately JoAnne as I make my first red/white/blue combination blocks. I'm working on a donation quilt and on some blocks for my bee. Thanks for the inspiration! Lane

  4. LOVE your blocks ! You always have a eye when it comes to the placement of fabric , a gift I wish I had :-D

  5. I love your fabric selections. I can't seem to find where it says the finished size of the block. Is it a 12"? I'm doing a bom project with my guild and need 12" block patterns and I love these.

  6. Very nice! And you made all the stripes so uniform...way to go!

  7. JoAnne these blocks are stunning! I think you do an amazing job every month and I sure wish I was home to be making them along with you. So far the only one I made is the first one and it really doesn't count because it was in stained glass. You are going to have a beautiful quilt when you are done. Hats off to Monique for bringing you on board!
    P.s. Great job on the Schnibbles this month too!

  8. What lovely blocks - and quite patriotic fabric choices! :) Beautiful as always!

  9. I can't tell you how much I love that first block, JoAnne. The colors just sing! I have some of those "house" shapes already stitched (leftovers from Easy Street) and have been imagining possibilities for them.

  10. Love the block and the fabrics in your blocks... looking forward to seeing your progress on these! I'm so behind on blog reading, so I'll leave a comment here regarding making a skating costume... I heard this comment from a quilter friend just yesterday... "Asking a quilter to sew clothing is like asking Picasso to paint your living room in one color!" Good luck with the costume... better you than me!

  11. Both your versions are lovely - and different enough to each other, I think. This is a great sewalong :-)