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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Olympics

Hi Everyone,

I plum forgot to mention the Olympics in my last post detailing how I would be spending my February.  Every 4 years, I get interested in sports <grin> and watch the Olympics.  Maybe it is because it is something interesting to watch?  Maybe because so many other people are watching and it is a good conversation starter?  Or maybe because it drums up a lot of patriotic fervor?  I think it is all three, but especially the last.

By now you probably have seen and/or heard about how Sochi is using patchwork graphics for the Olympics.

Isn't it gorgeous?  It isn't my quilting style, but I love it!  I'm guessing it won't be long before there are fabrics and patterns available to emulate the look.  At any rate, my husband is getting pretty darn sick of me pointing out the patchwork as we are watching!

But these bright graphics aren't the only example of patchwork that I've spotted.  The other one is more up my alley.

These are the uniforms of the US Snowboarding teams.  Men on the left and women on the right.  I did some research and discovered this article about how they were developed.  They actually bought a vintage quilt and had a master quilter deconstruct it in order to create a prototype for the uniform.  They also used a vintage flag.  I really love the "faded glory" look of this uniform.  I may use this color scheme in my own quilt.

Here is a photo of the actual vintage quilt.

While I'm watching, I am appliqueing on my Sarah's Revenge Revival quilt blocks.  I have set myself a goal of getting the four center blocks done while the Olympics are on.  I'm off to a rip-roaring start already:  these blocks have two colors of fabrics and I basted the green down first when I need to do the red first instead.  I wasn't very happy, but kept reminding myself that at least I hadn't begun the applique before I noticed.  I already finished the block I had in the works and am doing another one first before I get to the center blocks.  They need to be basted and "sit" for a while before they are appliqued.  (It's the back-basting method and the longer the basting stays in, the easier it is to do.)

Are you watching?  What is your favorite sports?  I really like it all but I if I choose I would have to say the ski jumping.  It is neat that they are letting women compete for the first time this games.  I also really like women's hockey.  The men's hockey is all dominated by NHL players and I feel like that is "cheating."  I like seeing the amateur players more.  When we lived in Alaska, my daughter played girls' hockey in high school.  They just began a varsity program for girls and she became the first female from her high school to earn a varsity letter!  Applique and hockey go well together.  I did nearly an entire quilt while she was at practice and during games.

Have a great day!


  1. I've been watching as well and love the Olympics. Love the speed skaters..so sad Apolo Ono (sp?) isn't competing this year. Always loved watching him. The snowboarders are awesome also but don't think I could pick a fav. Just in awe of them all (I could NEVER perform under such intense scrutiny like they do--YIKES!). I liked the costumes/uniforms they all wore in the opening ceremony.

  2. Absolutely, I am watching--and I love it all!!

  3. I love the patchwork jackets the US Snowboarding team is wearing... I agree... the faded look is very appealing.
    I love to watch the men and women downhill and slalom skiers. It's been a few years since I slapped skis on my feet, but once it's in your blood it kind of sticks with you! I remember watching Jean Claude Killy of France YEARS ago... I'm showing my age!
    I've noticed the blue patchwork graphics on the side walls of the Olympic skating rink... they look wonderful!

  4. Thanks for that great trivia...I love watching the Olympics and sewing at the same time !

  5. Thanks for sharing the info on the snowboard outfit. I watched it yesterday, and am making the most of the event to get sewing done too.

  6. I've been following the Olympics online and did see the bright piecework graphics... they're gorgeous! Thanks for the background info on the snowboarding uniforms... so cool!

  7. There has been a history with pros vs. amateur since I have watched the games. Trouble with this is other countries were paying their amateurs living well. Our country did not. After the pros were allowed to participate as other countries the playing field was more level IMNSHO. HIH

  8. I'm watching the Olympics too. But I failed to get a handwork project lined up in time so all the watching is cutting into my quilting time!