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Monday, February 3, 2014


Hi Everyone,

I love the Super Bowl first and foremost because of the quilting tie-in--all of the Superbowl Sales, etc.  Second, I like it for the commercials.  Third for the food--we watch it and have a nice party--even for just the two of us.  I don't really like football itself, but I find I can watch one game a year.

I thought the game this year had a very nice Patriotic-feel to it.  Did you see the reading of the Declaration of Independence before the kickoff?  I LOVED the rendition of the National Anthem by the spectacular Renee Flemming  (a fly-over by the Army!!!) and even Bruno Mars did a tribute to the troops during the half game show.

These are the commercials that I really liked:

Just before kickoff was this one:

I also liked this one:

This one from the beer company:

(I also loved the puppy/horse one a lot, but this one tugs at my heart more)

I was surprised by this one, but I really like it, too:

And finally this one:

As you can tell, most of these have a common theme of America.  Which one(s) did you like?

Have a great day,


  1. I didn't watch the game but I saw parts of it like the start, halftime and even a few commercials. Budweiser and Chevy did a great job! All of the singing was nice too.... Nice to see some normal, not screaming crazy renditions of all the different songs!!!

  2. Don't watch the game, but it was fun to see your commercial picks. : )

  3. Surprise, surprise...I am the same...watch one game a year. LOL This one was pretty painful to watch...especially since most of the folks around here are Bronco fans. I missed that Peanuts commercial...so cool! Yes, I definitely felt the Patriotic-ness this year...lots of great commercials!

  4. You certainly picked out the best ones! We didn't get the game turned on in time to see the Peanuts one - I'm so glad you posted it. My favorites are anything with the Clydesdales horses! Thanks for posting these!!

  5. I like football but am usually disappointed by the Super Bowl because one team usually just obliterates the other; that's not fun to watch. BUT the commercials were good ... especially any with animals (Budweiser) or ANYTHING patriotic. Didn't care much for the half time show but that's not my taste in music so not making a judgment; just didn't appeal to me. LOVED Renee Fleming's rendition of the national anthem ... she got it SO right. Really liked the Bob Dylan commercial for Chrysler ... thought it was good. Do you remember the Clint Eastwood commercial in a prior year about Detroit coming back ... VERY American and well done though some people thought it was political. Actually stuck around for the entire thing ONLY because of the commercials and taped Downton Abbey (which we will watch tonight).

  6. Great picks JoAnne! I didn't see the Peanuts one will have to have a look at it!! Have a great day!

  7. I loved the Peanuts commercial the best!