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Friday, February 7, 2014

My February

Hi Everyone,

The first thing I have to say about my February is about February in general--I found this image and found to agree with it wholeheartedly.

Did any of you see the fabulous Schnibble parades on Monday?  They were awesome.  There is always such a wonderful showing of quilts--all made from the same pattern--but looking so unique and gorgeous!   Aside from all of the quilts, I'm always excited to see what the new pattern with be.  This time it is our choice!  We can either make a "vintage" pattern or a new one.  We can make and show any quilt that we haven't already shared on a past parade--so for instance, if I want to make another version of Clover, I could.  (Ha ha ha--I don't think so!)  While it is exciting to be able to make whatever pattern one wishes, I found it a bit frustrating as there isn't one I really want to do, and I was complaining a bit to myself that I now had one more decision to make.  I got out all of my patterns and books and looked through them all.  Nothing was obvious.  I went and looked at all my charm packs thinking if there was a line of fabric I really wanted to use, I could start with that.  Again, nothing was obvious.  As a few days passed by, though, I found myself thinking about one of the patterns more than others.

I actually don't have the pattern--this one is also in one of Carrie's books that I have.  I love that it is a spool block.  I know that we did spools before when we made Gentle Art, but my version of that quilt went to live at my sister's house as the fabrics went perfectly in her living room.  Since I no longer have a spool quilt of my own, I thought I would make another--and this time I would make it in colors that go with my house.

I decided to use Midwinter Reds.  I love that line--the problem is that it is red, tan, and cream so choosing a background can be tricky.  Luckily I had a dark blue (not quite navy) solid, so I'm using that.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the blocks.  I'll write more about them later.

So that settled my Schnibble plan for the month.  The next big event on the horizon is on Tuesday night.  A friend and I agreed to give the program to our night Guild meeting.  I still haven't sorted out exactly how that happened, but when I do, I'll write about it.  I'm more than a little nervous.  I know that I will either do fine or else I will be a wreck when Tuesday night arrives.  Since I'm an Army wife I'm laying bets that I will do fine, however one never knows.  Consequently, I am over-reacting by ensuring that I'm absolutely prepared with as many samples as possible.  I will write all about it after the meeting when I know I have survived!

Finally, the last week of the month is the big Mancuso Midatlantic Quilt Show here in the area.  A friend is coming to stay for it and we are taking one class--Sue Nickel's free motion quilting class on feathers.  If you remember, last year I took Pat Delany's feather class.  Have you seen me show off any quilted feathers?  No! that's why I'm taking another class.  Probably, what I need to do is practice, and I'm not so good at that, but I'm hoping this time will make a difference.  

Do any of you plan to come to that show?  If so, it would be really fun to meet up.  Let me know!  As for the rest of you, have no fear--I'll share the show with you.

I suspect that this month is going to fly by. Oh, and in case you are wondering, both my sister and tiny nephew are doing great.  He is nearly back to his birth weight and actually opens his eyes a bit more often now.  

Have a great day!


  1. Thanks for the morning chuckle--I like the little poster. : )
    Nice job on the Schnibble. In your colorway it looks completely original!
    Oh, have fun in your feather class. Wish I was going to be there!

  2. Perfect background fabric for your Schnibble ! It really makes the colors pop ! Enjoy your class !

  3. When I saw that quote, I suddenly couldn't remember how I usually spell February! Too funny. I just wrote a post with it in the title so I actually had to go see if I had it right. Fortunately I did. Your Schnibbles is looking good so far. It's smart of you to get started on them so early. One of these days I'll follow your good example. Good luck with your presentation!

  4. Mancuso puts on a show near me in NJ in early March and another one in September in PA that is near enough for me to visit. I love them! Have fun, especially with your friend visiting.

  5. Glad to hear your sister and your nephew are doing well... prayers continue!

    Love your new Schnibble pattern and fabrics... it's gonna be great.

    I would love to take off and visit your quilt show but, even tho I'm not a tax preparer, Jan thru May is my "tax season" and I ain't going nowhere. However, I am planning on going to the AQS quilt show in Charlotte NC in late July/early August. I'm looking forward to it.

  6. JoAnne, can't wait to see your finished schnibbles. I have that book! Have fun at the quilt show and good luck with your presentation at your guild. I'm glad to her that your sister and nephew are doing well.

  7. First of all, what a cute quote! Love it! Next, good luck with your program presentation, I have no doubts you will Ace it! Great choice for this months Schnibble...mine was an easy one...the new one with kit that Carrie demoed last month at Old World that I just happened to buy. Looking forward to seeing yours done.

  8. Great Schnibbles choice, I'll watch for it on the next parade.

    So happy to hear good news about your sister and precious nephew. Praying they will both continue to be well and get stronger.

    I missed the Mancuso show in West Palm Beach last month but heard that it was fantastic. I hope you enjoy your show!

  9. Great little quote... I wholeheartedly agree!
    Lovin' your choice of fabrics for Short Story... the boldness of the blue really makes those spools pop! I like it better than the picture on the pattern!
    You'll do great at the presentation... just pretend you are talking to all of us that read your blog!!!
    Good news regarding your sister and nephew... so special!