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Friday, September 20, 2013

Nabby's Dowry Big Reveal

Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday!  For some reason this week, I'm glad to see the weekend coming.  I'm not normally one of those people who is always counting down to Saturday and Sunday and then complaining about Monday.  I feel like I should enjoy each day as it comes.  This has been a fairly busy week though, more for my husband than me.  He has been suffering with a cold for nearly two weeks now ( he generously "shared" it with me) and Wednesday morning he had to take a PT test.  For everyone not in the military out there, that is where they get tested on their physical fitness.  In the Army, the normal test consists of 2 minutes of sit-ups, 2 minutes of pushups, and a 2 mile run.  The person must complete a certain amount of pushups and sit-ups in the two minutes and that amount changes for sex and age.  The run is timed and you have a minimum time to complete it.  Anyway, that is sort of irrelevant in this story because my husband has a "profile" (basically a note from the doctor) saying that his ankle is screwed up so he can't do pushups or run.  He gets to skip the pushups but instead of the run he can bicycle, swim, or walk.  He walks.  He wasn't informed that he had this test until the night before.  He had to be there at 6 AM, which meant a 4:30 wakeup.  Despite being sick, he "gave it his all" and did well.  In fact, has actually passed many of the runners, some by as much as a quarter of a mile.   This is just a long way of saying that the poor man needs some rest, and I am glad that he can tomorrow. 

I myself woke up this morning at 4.  Usually I can get back to sleep, but I started thinking about how the final installment of Pam Buda's Nabby's Dowry was coming out this morning.  Needless to say, I didn't get back to sleep.  (I suppose I already know that I'm a little bit of a quilt geek that way.)  Anyway, Pam posted it around 6 AM my time.  I got right to work.

Here is the finished project:

When I laid out my blocks before this morning, I thought they looked kind of busy all together.  I was glad to see the sashing going between them, and I think it really helps give them the "separation" that they need.  However, I worry that the red is maybe a bit too strong.  All I see is the sashing when I look at this. 

But maybe that isn't a bad thing?  I'm thinking that if I had used something duller or softer, it may have disappeared into the whole thing and made it busy or muddy.  At any rate, I'm not going to rip it apart.  I'm going to live with it for a while and see how I feel. 

Here is a detail shot.  The red has a bit of a stripe in it, and I couldn't help but use a reproduction, navy flag print for the outer border, just to add my patriotic signature. 

I got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday!  I had won a prize for the last Schnibble parade and it arrived.

It is a sweet, fun pincushion form Cheryl Brickey at Meadow Mist Designs.  She has an Etsy shop if you are interested.  Thanks Cheryl and Sinta for the prize!!

I hope your weekend is good!


  1. JoAnne, your Nabby's Dowry is perfect!!! I love the red and of course the outer border is perfect!!!

    Hope hubby and you can rest up this weekend!!

    Hugs and blessings

  2. Looks beautiful to me! You sure didn't waste any time getting it sewn up. : )
    Hope you can both get some rest this weekend!

  3. I love the sashing. I appreciate your info on the PT Test. I am retired from the USAF Reserve with 20 yrs 2 months and 21 days and whose counting. MY husband is also retired. I cam in early 1970's when women weren't cabable of running so I didn't have to. I managed to get out of the PT Test my entire career, never on reserve duty when they conducted it and I wasn't going out of my way to find it. Also, when I was on active duty, all I had to do was situps, etc. And the last 7 months I was pregant and got out of it all together. So lazy. At any rate, I'm a kindrid spirit. Do you every do anything with Quilts of Valor. Also, I love the red sashing. I am a decorator afterall, 29 years experience.

  4. Funny...my hubby had his PT test on Wednesday too! He also has to do the walking test because of a hip issue. Getting old(er) stinks! LOL I love your quilt...and the red sashing looks great! Maybe if you use a red binding too, it will help tie it all together? I've used that red fabric in a couple of projects too! :)

  5. Yes, the red sashing may be strong. But my eyes were really drawn to all of the different patterns in the pieced squares to see how each one was different from the next. Maybe that's just because I'm a quilter. And I think the red is a good sashing color for this quilt. Be happy with it. It's beautiful!

  6. I like the red... strong, yes... but even with the red, I was looking first at the arrow blocks NW, NE, SE, and SW of the center...and then the "far away" blocks.

    Hope both of you get some rest this weekend so you can recover. Congrats to your DH for doing so well on PT despite being under the weather!

  7. Wow you were quick to get this together - it looks great!! I think your sashing is fine - its bold but I don't think it dominates :-) Sweet sweet pincuchion. Hope your DH is able to rest and recover this weekend!

  8. Sounds like a relaxing restful weekend is in order :-) I hope both of you feel better soon! Love your pincushion prize. That one has been on my to do list forever. Seeing yours makes me want to get started, but Mercerie is top on my to do list right now....still haven't started! Your Nabby's Dowery looks great! You are fast :-) The red sashing is bold, but I agree with what you are saying about a softer color disappearing. I like it the way it is, but I do like bold color. It's got to be what you are comfortable with. Giving it a while before you decide is smart. Maybe you would feel better about it if you did the binding in the same red?

  9. What a cute pin cushion prize, and your Nabby's Dowery turned out great--I like the red sashing--it really pops!

  10. I'm glad you like your little pincushion! I love your quilt from Pam's quilt along! I had wanted to do that one. I think it's beautiful and so fun with all half square triangles. The red sashing is wonderful... don't change a thing!

  11. Your Nabby's Dowery is way cute. Love the red sashing and especially the border fabric!

    Hope you hubby feels better (& you too!) and you both get some rest this weekend.

  12. Your colors are perfect, in my opinion. The top looks beauriful.

  13. When I saw the reveal, I thought it was perfect and beautiful. But then I'm a big 'red' nut..never too much IMHO! LOL In fact, I saw over at Aunt Polly's blog that she had a red accent wall in her new house. I JUST had my walls painted but am thinking of doing the same thing since I love red so much.