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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Car Cover

Hi Everyone,

I haven't had as much quilting time as usual lately.  I'm afraid I've spent a lot of free time reading real books, as opposed to listening to audio books while I sew.  What time I've been spending is just appliqueing more dresdens on my Dresden quilt, so it isn't anything too interesting.

I have something really fun to show you, though.  A group of ladies that I knew in Hawaii made this great car cover and I figured you may like to see it!  I think it is just incredible.

These photos were taken at the 2013 Women's Expo in Honolulu.

The car underneath is a 2012 Prius.  I just love the Hawaiian quilt touches!  And the flag of course!

The talented group that created this lovely piece are The Pupule Quilters: Beverly and Susan  –Project Coordinators  and contributors: Kay, Joan, Mona, Tahmi, John, MaryAnn, Rick, Carol, Carla, Linda, Jeanie, and numerous friends who donated quilt blocks.

Have a great day,


  1. Wow...I'd never make one but fun to see.

  2. I love it - very colorful.

    I saw a similar cover one year in Sisters, OR and posted about it here:

  3. Cute! Everytime I see one, I think I would love to make one, but it would happen much more quickly if I owned a Volkswagen Beetle and not a big SUV!

  4. Love it! That's what I can do with all those orphans and UFOs.

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