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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Purse

Hi Everyone,

As promised yesterday, I have something else to show you today.  Monday I was out to a quilt shop and they had just gotten in some of Tonga's Mocha Kiss line.  It was funny, because a while ago one of the friends I was shopping with had a piece of the most lovely batik with chocolate brown and strawberry pink with some cream in it--just like Neapolitan ice cream.  On our way to the shop, I asked her about it and if she remembered what line it was from, and it was Mocha Kiss.  Then the shop was unwrapping the bolt while we were there!  It seemed serendipitous, so I bought some and a few of the coordinating fabrics. 

This is the fabric that hooked me!

These are the coordinates that I also got.  I didn't use the darker pink.  Yet.

I'm not much of a pink person, but when you see a gorgeous piece of fabric, sometimes you have to get it!  I thought I would make a purse for my sister, who is a pink person.  When we got home, I was so enthused, that I started right away on the construction. 

This is the pattern that I used:

I have made it once before.  I blogged about it here.  When I made it the first time, I used Soft and Stable instead of the fusible fleece that the pattern recommends.  I love Soft and Stable, but I remembered that there was something with this pattern that didn't work as well as I hoped, so this time I used the fusible fleece.  I no longer have the original bag but I wished I did.  I also remember thinking the pattern was a little confusing at times, and this time it still was.  But, if you read it through a few times, it will start to make sense.  I really, really like the finished bag. 

I knew I could get it started but I thought I would need zippers, since I was fairly sure I wouldn't have any pink ones, but much to my surprise, I looked through my zippers and found two that were perfect!  As I worked, I remembered what it was about the Soft and Stable that I wasn't happy with.  I loved it for the bag front and back, but the pattern has you put just a facing of fleece on the lining, and I didn't like the way that worked with Soft and Stable.  So, the third and subsequent times that I make this pattern, I will use Soft and Stable on the front and back and fleece on the lining.  I'm going to write that note on the pattern so I remember this time!

I was able to finish it on Tuesday.  If you have all the materials, this pattern really doesn't take too long.

I love the long strap.  Using the hardware is optional, but I think it adds to the purse.
Here is the front.  It features a zippered pocket, and there is another deep pocket behind the brown accent. (I put the pocket zipper in backwards.  I wanted it to zip from the left to the right and I was attempting to do so, but I had it turned around.  It wasn't worth redoing, though.)
The back of the bag.  The pocket is divided into two.  They are great for cellphone and sunglasses.
There are pockets in the inside as well.
The good news is that I still have a nice bit of fabric left over.  I'm going to make a wallet and other bags with the leftovers.  And I'm resisting the urge to order more!  This is really a fun group of fabrics to work with!
Update:  To my neighbors, in the slight chance you are reading this.  Yes, that was me out on the porch a little while ago.   Yes, I was in my pajamas, and despite how strange it seems to you, I was in fact taking photos of a purse hanging off my front door.  I know it doesn't make much sense to you, but my readers will understand.  Yes, I could do it in the privacy of my backyard, but the light is best in the morning out front.  This sort of activity may indeed happened again.  I hope you understand.
Have a great day!


  1. Great fabric makes a great purse. I have to write all over my patterns when I sew, lest I forget. I guess we red, white, and blue people aren't into pink, I have to scrounge to find a piece of pink in my stash.

  2. Your bag is wonderful! The fabrics work really well with the pattern. Well done! Love your note to the neighbours...I often wonder what they are thinking as I run around the backyard with my quilts...but I'm usually in sweats and not PJs!

  3. Very pretty bag! Thanks for sharing your notes about the pattern.
    I'm glad to know I am not the only one who is outside in their loungewear taking photos!

  4. Beautiful fabric to work with, I must resist the urge to buy I to!

  5. I have a feeling your "pink person" sister is going to love this! The fabric is quite pretty. Had a chuckle reading your note to the neighbors... it's comforting to know that other crazy quilters practice the same behavior!!!

  6. I can see why you bought that fabric. It's beautiful and looks great made up into a bag. I also think the hardware adds a nice finishing touch to it. The whole thing looks very professionally done.

  7. Wow...great job on the bag! That's funny about being out in your pj's for pictures...that was me yesterday! :)

  8. Love the bag AND the photo explanation (too funny).

  9. Love the bag!! To funny about you being out in your PJ's!!

  10. I'm laughing out loud at your last paragraph! The exciting life of a blogger! This purse looks great for travel, I will have to remember it.

  11. Would love to be your neighbor! Too funny! ;-) Love the bag and the batiks are gorgeous. Great job. K-

  12. I love your bag/purse JoAnne and the fabric that started it all is beautiful!! Love love love your photography tale... just as well we don't really have neighbours here, all sorts of antics go on to get the perfect photo!!

  13. Hahaha! Gotta love the neighbors!

    Your bag is fabulous in those fabrics! Great job :)

  14. Great choice of fabrics. Love the purse. Funny about being in your pj's. :)