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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snappy Here Insert Title

This is my version of the I.S.T.H. (Insert Snappy Title Here) Schnibble for this month.  It is, of course, inspired by Sinta, who said the letters were rearranged and should be S.H.I.T.

I elected to use charm packs of the Urban Cowgirl fabric.  I LOVE the line.  The soft, vintage colors are great.  I also ordered yardage and initially choose one the the plaids for the setting triangles.  I made the blocks and laid everything out.

Then the trouble began.  The plaid looked choppy, but I thought it would work.  I picked out the lace looking fabric squares for the border, but I didn't have enough of the fabric I used for the block background to use with it.  I tried something else, and the stips looked terrible.  I didn't want to rip all of that out so I tried something else.  Nothing was working.  Finally I bit the bullet and ordered more fabric.  I decided to replace the plaid with the creamy rosebud.  It worked much better!  It didn't take too long to finish it up.

In the photo above you can see the lace-like fabric.  When I was choosing the charm squares for the quilt, I only used two colors--the green and the blue in the blocks since the original pattern used just two colors.  In retropect, I wish I had used the yellow as well, but I do have quite a bit of left-overs for another project.  The fabric is getting hard to find!



  1. Looks great. I really like the colours you chose for the stars.

  2. An exploration in design! You worked through your challenges just fine!!! Your quilt is so sweet and I really love that fabric line... and am soon to play with! Love your Snappy quilt:)

  3. Looks great, and that name is a crack-up. :o)

  4. It's beautiful! The colors are so soft and lovely :-) I can see where the plaid would have given you trouble. I think this one was challenging for fabric choices, but yours is one of my favorites! Love it :-)