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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh No!!!!!

This is what happens when you AUI--Applique Under the Influence!  No, I wasn't drinking.  I had a bit of surgery on Monday and was taking narcotic pain relievers.  I stopped after yesterday morning when I spent most of the day "high" and most of the evening "hung over."  I guess I should not have tried stitching.  I do cut my background squares oversize, but still, I measured and the snip goes slightly into the block.  So, do I fix it or start all over?  The perfectionist in me thinks about starting over, but the practical me is demanding to fix it.  Should I applique a bit of white over the top?  Or cut off the whole edge of the block and sew on a strip?  Which would be less noticeable?  Does anyone else have a suggestion?  Help!


  1. First, I hope the surgery wasn't too serious and that you are recovering well! I would cut the edge off and sew a strip. It might even look as though that was part of the whole design! :-)

  2. I agree with Izzy! I hope you are feeling better!

  3. oh that's too bad! i know your perfectionist tendencies, but I would try to applique over top of it. Obviously it will have to be big enough for you to cover the snip and maybe even under the red you haven't appliqued yet. I'm thinking it might be too weak at the seam otherwise. I think a strip would create a definite line and be more visible than an organic-shaped applique patch.

  4. We all have these design opportunities arise. I agree with Joan. An organic applique should do the trick.