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Friday, December 18, 2015


Hi Everyone,

I'm writing this on Thursday night so I can post it in the morning.  Since it is Friday, that means another Allietare clue from Bonnie Hunter!  I know I'll get right to it and as well, I have a hair appointment in the morning.  My stylist moved a couple months ago to a different salon.  At this location, they do a hand massage while the color processes, and then head massages while washing and rinsing.  Last time she asked if it was all good when she was about to lead me back to the chair from the sink, and I said, "No.  I think you missed a bunch of chemicals and need to start all over!"  At first she thought I was serious, and then she laughed.  I think there is nothing so relaxing as a hair appointment.  You hear people all the time finished this sentence:  "If I were rich, I would..."   Have a chef, a live-in nanny, all sorts of answers.  I would love to have someone fix my hair.

I managed to get quite a few presents wrapped yesterday and also bought a few more gifts.  One or two more stops should see me finished.  I clashed around in the kitchen, too, and "sugared" my yearly batch of fudge.  My grandmother made and gave away dozens of batches every year for at least 50 years and I watched her make it and have her recipe, but for the life of me, I flop it every year.  I do try though.  I think I'm too impatient at the end and start stirring before it cools enough.  Grandma would tell me that I could chip it out of the pan, add a tiny bit of half and half, and cook it all over agin to the soft ball stage.  This year, though, I somehow scorched it as well, so I threw it away and made the kind with the marshmallow cream.

I'll be taking my stylist a present that I made.  I saw this tutorial by Carrie Nelson at the Moda blog a while ago.  I thought the bags looked like fun to make and so I texted out to my family looking for old jeans since they are made from a jeans leg.  My Dad came through for me.  First, I made one with fabric I liked to see if they were fun to make.

Oh yes, they are!  I followed the directions just as Carrie wrote them.  She's so good, that I don't even have any helpful tips to add.

My stylist also does a lot of photography, and since I had no hair salon-type fabric, and I did have camera fabric, I made her this one.

(In case its a bit fuzzy, those are old-timey cameras on the fabric.)

These bags are fun to make, don't take too long, and are best made in two's since they take a leg each, and jeans come with two legs, (usually.)

That's it for now.  Thank you to all who left such sweet comments.  It's great to be back and hearing from you all again!

Have a great day,


  1. My hair stylist does a lovely scalp massage when washing my hair - LOVE IT!! Cute bag - book marked the tutorial (my daughter might like to make these).

  2. I am my own stylist and trimmer, so if I want a scalp massage I have to get tired hands in the process. Not so relaxing. *LOL*'
    Fun bags. I've got the jeans--I just need the time. : )

  3. so glad you are back , yes, I missed you! Merry Christmas !

  4. Too cute! I think I'll go fetch a pair of jeans out of the garbage that hubby just threw out yesterday so I can try to make one of these! I used to have a hair gal who was SO rough with my hair, I literally got tears in my eyes when she worked on me. I have moved on to someone who is more gentle - glad you have a good one!

  5. Nice to hear from you! I love my stylist so much--if I were wealthy, I would have her come to my home everyday to do my hair. Have a wonderful holiday!