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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

When It Rains, It Pours

Hi Everyone,

It has been pretty rich with fun quilting programs around here.  First was Lynne Hagmeier and then this past Thursday, Marie Bostwick stopped by my local quilt shop, A Quilt of Many Colors, to do a reading and book signing.

Are you familiar with her?  She is a quilter, but foremost an author.  She has penned the Cobble Court Quilts books and is back with a cast of new characters in the setting of Door County, Wisconsin.  Yes, there is quilting in the story.  The book is called, "The Second Sister" and is about a woman who is a political operative on the national level (she works for a Governor who is running for President).  It is the morning of Election Day when she gets a call that there was an accident back in her hometown and she needs to get there.  Dealing with family issues and the Past, as well as a bit of mystery, makes up the story and all the characters are wonderfully crafted.  Just so you know, I already read the book so I could give you all an honest review.  I highly recommend it!  Marie's books are beautifully written and have no objectional language, violence, or other bad behavior.  

The even was fun!  Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling so great so she remained seated but was very charming and interesting.  As people arrived, we all were chatting and her stories of travel, home life, etc. were great.  She's such a good story teller even when she isn't working, ha ha.  

She told us that when she has a new book released, she goes on tour for several months.  A while back, she got sick of hotels, so she bought a small RV.  She named it Glinda the Glamper and she travels around with her.

After most people arrived, the formal portion began.  She introduced herself and did a reading from the book.  She talked a bit about her writing process, and then took questions.  Next there was a pile of quilts next to her to be shown.  I didn't get many photos as I helped hold them up.  

This one is her "Broken Hearts" from the Cobbled Court Quilts books.  She tries to make a pattern for each book and Deb Tucker, her good friend, helps.  She had one Hunter Star quilt made with Deb's ruler--Rapid Fire Hunter's Star.  Lately, I'm seeing that quilt pattern everywhere!

After the quilts were shown, the formal portion was over and we could get our books signed.  All of her books that I own are on my Kindle, but it wasn't a problem to get her new one.  

It was a fun event!  She will be in Paducah this week, so if you go, you may want to stop by and meet her--she is really a charming, fun personality.  If, like me, you are not going, she has a fun facebook page and also a great website.  The website has free quilt patterns and recipes if you sign up.  She assured us that she does not share any personal information with anyone, including her publisher.

Have a great day,


  1. One of my FAVORITE authors. Have read all her books except this one ... will be picking it up this weekend! Glad you got to see her in person ... those kinds of events are so much fun! Linda

  2. She comes here to Colorado quite a bit, I believe because her husband comes on business. I was able to go see her at Harriet Hargrave's quilt shop last year. Wonderful presentation. I'll have to read the new book. I love the Cobble Court books.

  3. This sounds like the good kind of rain! I don't think I've ever read any of her books...I'll have to check them out!

  4. I LOVE her books! Will have to check this one out - I didn't know she had a new one.

  5. I haven't read her books before. Thanks for sharing your review! It looks like it would have been fun to attend her signing and hear her speak.


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  7. I love her books. I have read most of them. The new one is wonderful too. How fun that you got to meet Marie in person.