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Friday, April 10, 2015

Sweet Husbands and Austin Bluebird

Hi Everyone,

So back one day in early February, I was at one of my bees.  One of the ladies told me I had missed seeing "the Triplets" the previous week.  I asked about such an intriguing statement and got the story.  I knew one of the ladies, Alana, had gotten a new Janome sewing machine.  One of the other ladies, Lee, liked it and asked a third, Evelyn,  to find out the price at our local dealer since she was going there.  I forgot the model right now, or I would tell you,  Anyway, so off Evelyn went and found out that our shop had a used one that was in great shape.  She put it on hold and told Lee about the price for the used and the new.  The new was a bit more expensive, of course, but had a warrenty.  I think Lee was going to get the used one, but then her husband thought that she should have the warrenty and offered to pay the difference so she could get the new one.  Evelyn was talking about how great the machine was and so her husband told her to get one for herself.  My memory fails me and so I don't remember if she got the new or the used.  Anyway, all three of the machines were at the bee on a Friday--a day I don't go.  I thought the husbands were being so sweet, so I told my husband about it. He assumed, incorrectly I might add, that I was angling for a machine, too.  I told him that I'm set for machines right now.  After thinking about things for a few minutes, though, I added, "well, there is this quilt kit I've been wanting..."  Since Valentine's Day was approaching, and he isn't the best shopper for presents--he jumped at the chance and so I got this for Valentine's Day!

It's the Austin Bluebird sampler kit.  Minick and Simpson, flags, bluebirds, cherries, some applique but also lots of piecing, RWB, a completely awesome box, what is not to love?!!!  I had been drooling over this for months!  I swear, I have the best husband ever.

Anyway, I promptly felt overwhelmed with other stuff and so I put it on the shelf.  However, Laurie is posting a helpful blog post about the different months, and when I read about month 2, it really got me excited about working on the project.  Not because of anything specific, just seeing it.   National Quilting Day was right about then, and to celebrate, I decided to break open the quilt and check out the contents.

The first thing I decided to do was get a binder and page protectors and put the pattern in it.

This had been a huge help!  All the pages stay secure and in order and if I need to pull out a page to trace patterns, it is easy to do.  The pattern is fabulous!  There are color charts labeling the different fabrics and cutting diagrams for each fabric.  Its great.  I began to cut and stack each month's pieces up--eventually stowing each month in a ziplock baggie.  But then I started sewing, too.  I prepped applique blocks as well.  Before I knew it:

I had Month 1 complete.  I guess I forgot to crop out my slippers...

Month two only had a bit of applique (the stars) so it didn't take long.

Month three was just piecing, so it went quick.  And in case you are wondering, part of the leaf block is seperate for now.  This sampler quilt goes together a bit like a puzzle.  I'm excited for the challenge!

Month 4 had another big applique block, but they are so much fun!  I love the birds and cherries.

Month 5 is back to all piecing again, and I havn't done it yet, but I am currently appliqueing the large block for month 6.  These blocks so far have finished at 18 inches.  There are some even larger applique blocks coming up.

This is my month 6 block as it looks right now, crumpled up, and half sewn.  I use the back-basting needle-turn method.  Once this is completed and I piece for month 5 and 6, then half the quilt will be done!  I'm not sure if it is because this applique is so much easier than my Sarah's Revival blocks or if it is because I have Spring Fever, but this quilt is really fun to make for me right now.

Although I bought the kit and it contains enough fabric, I can't help myself and I've been sprinkling in pieces from my Minick and Simpson collection.  It's so much fun to choose.

Have a great day!


  1. This is such a pretty quilt - and so you!

  2. You've got a lot of months done in just a short amount of time! It looks like a fun project with a lot of variety to keep things interesting. I especially like the birds and cherries block from Month 4.

  3. Your blocks are just gorgeous. I'm doing a similar sampler, and I've been eyeing the one you're working on.

  4. I ordered my pattern the other day ... going to use the M&S fabric I have plus adding in from my stash ... I wasn't excited about this at first ... but reading the block blog and seeing your progress has redirected my attention ;-) Linda

  5. I wondered why you haven't been blogging much lately. Now I see you've been very busy. Looks beautiful. You are such a talented lady. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this project. Susan from PPQG

  6. Very nice. How are the revival blocks going?

  7. ...how beautiful this is going to be! And what a great job you're doing...

  8. That is going to be a gorgeous quilt. Your blocks are looking great.

  9. Beautiful blocks and what a sweet husband. Nice to be hand sewing and love it.

  10. Look at you! You will have yours done before you know it. I've asked my local quilt shop to order a kit for me, but haven't heard anything yet--I love the design so much! Your hubby is awesome!!