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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My New "BC" Project

Hi Everyone,

I felt that the New Year needed a New Project.  Lately, I have been wanting to work on a Big project.  Something a bit Complicated, hence my "BC" abbreviation.  I got a book a while ago, and it really has me drooling.  This is it:

I chose it as there is a particular project in it that I want to make.  However, on New Year's Eve we went to Shipshewana, and in one of the quilt shops, there was an awesome log cabin quilt hanging, and it was from this book, too.  There are some really cool quilts here, and they have a lot of pieces, but aren't that difficult--its just log cabin.  You may have to sew a few colors together to make a log, but it is all straight sewing!

This is the quilt that I want to make.  The red, white, and blue one (on the right) of course.  Do you see how there are 4 stars on the wall hanging version?  Can you see the bed-size version on the left has 16 stars?  Remember that I'm doing Big for this project, so I'm going to make a larger bed-size that will have 25 stars!

I began the cutting for this project while still in Virginia, but I just now got it out to go through everything.  Luckily I made good notes about the pieces I needed and how many.  I had placed them in the book, which was a miracle because I will often write up great notes and then lose them.

I think Judy Martin is a brilliant designer.  Does she teach?  Has anyone out there had a class with her?  I read the book and she has great tips about cutting.  She advised to organize the strips in silverware caddies, baggies, etc.  I looked around and decided on some of the craft holders with the removable dividers, as for beads or other small piece storage.

Here are the dark blues.  The container is perfect for 1 1/2" strips and I could position the dividers to the legnth I needed.  You may not be able to see it, but there is tape labeling the size of each strip.

Once I counted up what I already had, I started cutting the rest.

Cream strips with longer ones in a baggie.

The red strips.  There aren't nearly as many red as the other colors.

Squares all ready to make flying geese with the Fit To Be Geese ruler

And finally, other random pieces--2.5" squares for centers of blocks and a whole lot of small blue bits that didn't fit into the divided container. 

That's it!  It doesn't look like much, but there is a huge quilt hiding there.  There are hundreds of strips and I have lots of bobbins wound and ready to go.

Have a great day!


  1. What a great great - your containers to keep your strips organized are perfect - looking forward to seeing your finished quilt. Nice to have you posting again.

  2. More power to you for taking on the challenge. When I read that you were making 25 blocks I got weak in the knees. I tend to abbreviate things rather than expand them. : )
    It is a very cool looking quilt. I love the organizers you found for all of the cut pieces!

  3. Wonderful organization for a challenging quilt. I have Judy Martin's books but have not attempted one of her designs yet, tempting as they are.

  4. Wow, huge amounts of disciplined organization which will pay off. I hate to cut - I typically cut just small amounts to ease the pain and to get on with something more creative.

  5. Oh, love the book, blocks, and project. Great organization of your project supplies, too. Do share this with the Book It link up this month.

  6. So organized for your BC quilt :-D

    Looks like you are all set to sit down and start sewing .

  7. You are very organized for the BC project. The best way to do it.

  8. The organization definitely would not be high on my list! LOL I'm amazed at how some folks are super organized and then others (like me) not so much. And I'm kinda with Denise--like to cut a little, sew a little, etc. Guess it's the instant gratification for me. :-(

  9. I came to your blog from another's sidebar when I saw the photo of your Judy Martin book. I have the book but haven't made anything from it either. I go to Shipshewana twice a year for a retreat, and it saw the quilts you saw at Lollys. I have photos of them in one of my blog posts. I've taken a day long workshop with Judy Martin. She is a real stickler for the 1/4" seam, and she suggests you cut those log cabin strips just like you've done. Before her books, I just lopped a strip on and chopped it off even with the others. I've subscribed to your blog so I can watch your progress on the quilt.

    1. LuAnn ... would be curious what retreats you attend in Shipshewana. Would love more information if you are willing to share. If you could PM me at Canends@Hotmail.com that would be great ~ thanks! Linda

  10. You are ready to go with your strips and marvelous organization. The machine will be humming right along and a new quilt will emerge in no time at all.

  11. Everything looks so nice and organized! I noticed I have some of the same blue and cream fabrics in my stash. I look forward to watching your progress on this quilt - I love log cabins.

  12. What a beautiful quilt that will be! It looks like curves, but they are done with straight piecing, right? Clever! And cleverly organized, too.

  13. Oh to be this organized! I REALLY have to try this approach- I just finished one raffle quilt with log cabin blocks (complete fabric storm) and have to start the matching one very soon. I'm going to try this method; thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Jo :)

  14. I love that quilt and it will be perfect for your new house. Looks like you are well on your way.

  15. It is going to be a fabulous quilt! What great tips for storing strips!!
    Blessings and hugs!

  16. You blow my mind every time!

  17. How exciting! It looks like a great pattern and of course, awesome colors and I love the fabrics. Oh...and I always love organization! Can't wait to see your progress!

  18. Ooh--it's going to be gorgeous! I was just looking at this book on the Connecting Thread site last night--it's on sale, and I was tempted to get it but wasn't sure. Guess I'm going to be placing an order--haha!

  19. Log cabin is my FAVORITE block. People don't realize how diversified it can be. LOVE Judy Martin ... she authored one of the first quilt books I ever bought. Cutting is also not my most favorite part ... I'd rather be sewing or binding. Your "BC" looks beautiful and if it turns out like anything else you've ever made it will be GORGEOUS!! Go you!!! Linda

  20. I recently bought that book and have been trying to decide which quilt to do. I will be looking for some containers. Where did you get yours?