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Friday, January 23, 2015

Annie Get Your... ...Needle. And Thread. And Paint. And Coffee

Hi Everyone,

It seems I have gotten distracted again!  A bit over a week ago, I was looking on Instagram and saw the cutest rag dolls.  They are made by raggedyoldannies, who is really Nicole Campbell.  If you are not on Instagram, you can find her facebook page (raggedy old annies) or visit her website www.raggedyoldannies.com.  Alas, all the photos of completed dolls that she was selling were spoken for.  While visiting her website, though, I discovered that she sells patterns.  Two patterns screamed "me," so I ordered them.  Since they are PFDs, they came later in the day.  I got started.

Meanwhile, I was still drooling over her cute, cute dolls!  I finally broke down and have ordered one from her.  While waiting, though, making my own has been fun!

The first pattern I chose was "Miss America."  She featured a banner saying "Miss America" and a crown.  I decided to change the banner to read "The Patriotic Quilter" and left off the crown.

Instead, I made her a quilt!

I made it simply by fussy-cutting some flags out of a piece of fabric, using a glue stick to place them, and then just stitching around each one--raw edges and all.  I layered it with some batting and did a little simple quilting with my "hand quilting" machine stitch on my Bernina.  It isn't bound.  It all adds to the primitive look.

her dress is trimmed with rick rack--my favorite!  And her bloomers have a tiny crocheted lace edging.  Another change from the pattern directions was that I made her legs from striped fabric.  I did paint her shoes on, though.

Up next was "Sammy Annie."

She gets her name from Uncle Sam, of course.  She has an aged tag with his likeness.   I adore her big, big grin!

Her legs are totally painted--white with red stripes.  All the facial details are stitched.

Her bloomers are trimmed with a vintage red and white lace.  You can't see them, but they are white with tiny red stars.  

Once you get the dolls all complete and have the clothes stitched up, they get aged in a coffee bath.  I was a bit nervous as I thought everything looked great before, but I adore the "antiquing" that the coffee produced.  The most difficult part of the whole process was to be patient while everything dried!

They look so cute on a couple of my little red chairs.

You know who else likes loves my red chairs?

My nephew!  I can't believe that it was one year ago this weekend that I was at quilt retreat in Virginia when my sister had to have her baby early a she had developed preeclampsia.  

Despite being about 6 weeks early, my nephew was just fine and didn't have to be in the NICU.

And now on Sunday he is going to be one!  I will confess that since I finally got to meet him in July, he has securely wound me around his tiny finger and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Have a great weekend!


  1. The dolls are wonderful--my Mother has made several Raggedy Anne and Andy's for young Mother to be's. Your nephew is adorable

  2. Oh. So. Cute! Love the way you personalized little Miss America, even giving her her own patriotic quilt! Your nephew is so darned cute too!

  3. Your dolls are adorable (I love all of your additions!) and your nephew is precious. What a gift to you, now that you live nearby.

  4. Your nephew is cute as a button... and so are the dolls! I made a bunch of these years ago and sold them. I kept 2 for myself - a girl doll and at cat -- love them both and after seeing yours I need to pull out my patterns and make some more!

  5. Oh those are the sweetest dolls! LOVE!! And the other little 'dollie' is a cutie pie.

  6. I especially love your "Patriotic Quilter" doll with her little quilt and striped legs. : )

  7. I LOVE your dolls, especially the Patriotic Quilter one! You personalized her so well! You are so gifted with creativity! And I love your other little "doll" there too!

  8. I just love all of Nicole's Annies! I'm looking at my Valentine tree topper as I type this. Your versions are really adorable - love the patriotic one and her cute little quilt!

  9. I bet your nephew is having a ball with your collection of red chairs! Your dolls are adorable and so clever--love the little quilt!

  10. What a trio of cuteness! Your dolls are so adorable (especially, laying on the floor) and your nephew is a handsome boy. Lucky you!

  11. OMG! A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!! All her dolls are sold!

  12. Adorable! Both the dolls and your nephew! LOL I have never made a doll ... but am intrigued. May have to visit her website. Just what I don't need ... another craft hobby!! JoAnne ... you are DANGEROUS to be around!! LOL Linda

  13. This is the cutest post in blogland! Everything adorable from the annies to your nephew.

    Sounds like the dolls are a lot of work but so worth it to have something handmade and special.

  14. These are just darling dolls. You've done an excellent job making them too. An of course, the Patriotic Quilter is awesome! Nothing like making a pattern your own!

  15. Your dolls are so cute! I made a couple a few years back and they are a lot of fun!! Keep them out of the rain though! LOL I took mine to retreat and it was raining...she got a few drops on her and now she has funny spots on her face where it washed away a little of the coffee stain. Oh well...it makes her unique! :)