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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wait! The Year is Almost Over?

Hi Everyone,

Oh my goodness!  It was so sweet to hear from so many of you that you missed me and are glad that I am back--it really warmed my heart and makes me wish I had gotten back to this much sooner.  I've missed all of you, too!

I simply cannot believe that there is only two weeks left in this year!  The time since our move seems to have flown by.  Looking back, we had our stuff packed up in July, so I feel as though I've lost 6 months--just "poof!"  Anyway, I'm not going to waste any more time dwelling on that fact.  I want to see what I can do with the rest of the time.

What with Christmas thrown in the mix, I'm not sure I will have time to get much done in the way of projects, so I want to spend my time planning a bit.  Usually at this time, I am looking back at the projects that I did this year.  I think I will see if I have enough to share in a post for later.

I say that I haven't done much, but in fact, I have started and completed two Christmas projects!  The thing about moving is that you find thing that you forget you have.

Last year, my good friend in Virginia, Linda, was making this candle mat from a kit.  I said I liked it, so she gave me the pattern and the leftover bits of wool.  I found it and decided I should actually make it.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit how much wool I have, and yet this is only the second project that I've made with it!  I loved this project as you just whip stitch the wool--no need to do the blanket stitch, which isn't my favorite.

In other stuff I came across another pattern that I'd bought a few years ago.  I decided to work on it next.  (The key to both of these projects is that it involves lots of hand work, and that is about all I've been doing lately--at my bee days.)

It took two Bee meetings to get the embroidery done.

(Ugh!  Sorry for the sideways picture!)

There are two snowflakes.

Then last Friday, I pieced it all together.  My husband was flying home from a trip to Canada and was delayed in Toronoto, which made him miss his flight from Detriot, so while I was waiting for his new flight to land, I got this together.  Monday I did some minimal machine quilting and added the binding so that I could take it on Tuesday and do the hand finishing on the binding at that Bee, so it took three weeks to do. 

I have no idea what I'll be taking to the next meeting:  If nothing else, my Sarah's Revival applique blocks.  Remember how I wanted to get a few blocks done while on hiatus?  Well, it didn't happen!

So I'm thinking forward to next year and considering the projects that I want to tackle.  I am in the mood to do a "major project." I know what it is and actually started cutting it before we moved.  How about you?  Do you have plans for next year?  I'd love to hear them.

Have a great day!


  1. Love the snowmen mini - perfect Bee project. I am planning for next year too. I have some layercake patterns I want to play with, stars and more stars, visiting old books/patterns, the Rainbow Challenge to help use up more scraps, and the need to quilt that 'pile',

  2. I enjoy working with wool. You made a very nice holiday mat with your stash of wool.

  3. Very cute little mat. I've never tried the whip stitch with wool. I learned wool applique with the blanket stitch and have had a hard time switching to anything else.
    Your Snowman quilt turned out really well! Amazing what we can accomplish in,little bits of time when we put our mind to it, isn't it?
    Next year I will be tackling the UFOs I was supposed to tackle this year and didn't. : )

  4. Wool mat is very nice --and so welcoming for Christmas. End of the year always a good time to reflect on accomplishments and make plans for year to come

  5. Hand work seems like a good thing to do at this time of year. Like you, we were planning a move this year so I set aside a project I could work on with my Featherweight. Long story short, the house still hasn't sold but I lost interest in my selected project. I dug through some previously packed boxes to satisfy my itch for something different but after Christmas, I think I really should get back to the selection and get it done. Have a happy holiday in your new home and may your stitching give you peace.

  6. With all the upheaval it will be a great feeling to get some handwork done - love both your projects and timely finishes! I'm thinking a lot about my next year's projects - I know I need to be a lot more disciplined than I am at the moment so I actually achieve some of my list rather than making up a totally new one!

  7. I know how you feel. With our son moving in till he gets a job and his house is built, and four dogs, my quilting is sadly neglected except for my monthly sew meetings. I am hoping - fingers crossed - that I can get back at it after the holiday. I took a wool class this fall and love it!!!

  8. So glad to see you back, Joanne. I assume that hubby retired from the Army and you have settled somewhere. Looks like you have found a quilting group and keeping busy with things other than the move. I have been on a no sew streak for the past year. Hubby got sick after thanksgiving 2013 and when I was working on a Christmas apron the timing went out on my Bernina-----again. I packed it up and haven't sewn since although I am getting anxious to start again in the new year. I have an old Bernina 830 and a Featherweight so no excuse not to sew. Started another blog knottedthreadsandyarn.blogspot.com to document the hats, scarves, and Prayer Shawls I made for the church. Hugs and Merry Christmas to you and family. We will have 20 here on the 25th and 26th. Will be crazy fun but I am excited.

  9. You and your projects have been missed :) Glad you are settled and I'm sure once the holidays are over you'll get a routine going and back to your regularly scheduled program of sewing.

    Life in NJ has been a whirlwind the last 4 weeks. Besides family here for Thanksgiving, we had Olivia's birth and now christmas shopping. I've missed reading blogs and commenting, sewing etc but there's NOTHING like holding that little baby in my arms....which I've done a lot!!! Sewing and cleaning can wait!

    Happy Christmas to you and yours and all the best to you in 2015!


  10. Oh my goodness, do I have quilting plans. A queen size quilt (Point Me by Denise Schmidt), a large wall hanging that I am designing (I think I know why I'm procrastinating on that one), a smaller wall hanging that is a kit (that I have to resize), finishing a quilt for my son's MIL, finishing a baby quilt, and making 2 Christmas quilts. Should be a fun year! Have fun planning your next project!

  11. Both of your projects are adorable! I'm planning to finish all my works in progress next year. Unfortunately,that was the plan for this year and it didn't happen, so we'll see what happens! I can't shake that tendency to start something new.

  12. I absolutely love the candle mat and your snowmen stitchery is perfect!

    I have planned out all of the projects I want to complete next year. It's an aggressive schedule so I will have to be patient with myself when "life" interferes :)

    Merry Christmas!!

  13. Love your little projects! I just started the Merry Christmas quilt by Heart to Hand. I love that quilt so much, and it seems that it is not getting made by itself! I have a nice wool stash too, and this is really the only quilt that I've made using wool from my stash - I usually end up buying kits from Primitive Gatherings! It's fun to use what's in my stash!

  14. I am happy to see you blogging again. I have missed your posts. Enjoy your first Christmas in your new house and in retirement!!

  15. What a very pretty and cozy looking candle mat.

  16. I love both of your projects! So glad to see you posting again. I have been working on more hand sewing too and finished my first wool mat. It is the primitive gingerbread men from Buttermilk basin's blog hop. It is really cute! I am working on Bonnie Hunter's new mystery. Currently I am marking all my pink and black squares for clue number 2! Did I mention I have had a concussion so things take longer! Glad to see you settled. K-